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You stay home now, mom!: If children have to convince their parents the seriousness of the situation

A week ago my mother in Whatsapp wrote to me: “I’m leaving tomorrow to Sunday to your sister.” My mother lives in Düsseldorf, my sister, in the vicinity of Stuttgart. A multi-hour train ride, with the goal to visit the four grandchildren. My mother is in great shape, but she’s also 71 years old.

Any concerns about the rampant Coronavirus mentioned, you with any word. At first I was perplexed, but in the coming days, I became restless. I could not understand that a life experienced woman who is physically and mentally healthy, but still officially in the risk group of a pandemic Virus is considered, suggests the warnings of all the scientists in the Wind.

A new species: the “Yolo-grandparents”

I talked about it with friends, most of which between 1980 and 1990, are born, and quickly realized: all of them were in continuous discussions with the mother, the party, the coffee with the Girlfriends do not take left, the father, wanted to go to the pub, the parents, go to planned, tomorrow”, finally once again to eat Italian food” to.

It’s a bizarre role reversal is taking place these days: grown-up children have to convince their parents to take the Coronavirus but please, seriously – of all the times those people so of which they were otherwise like a mantra of the importance of financial or medical checkups to be reminded of.

Everyday protocols

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The Problem is that This group of so-called Millennials between 30 and 40 years is not necessarily familiar with the Situation, to have your parents Worry, which is why you put them in the reminders on your u-60-producer, relatively little patience. The parents show, in turn, are advice-resistant as a 15-year-old Teenager during the first Heartbreak.

The phenomenon seems to be around the world: In America, Twitter Users share their Worries and troubles with the parents of the baby Boomer Generation, born between 1944 and 1964, and still invulnerable feel like Twentysomethings. The author and Journalist Ben Wallace-Wells speaks in the connection of a new species: the “Yolo-grandparents”.

“Who has the best advice, how do I convince a diabetes sick-Boomer parents, part of it in the city?”, Twitter user Lucy Carson asks. Drooling “in front of anger into the phone, does not help me in the matter somehow.” A lawsuit, as I have not got them yesterday, almost word-for-word from a buddy whose father “imprison you” want to – the weather was just too beautiful.

From Lebanon to China

"A modern biblical Plage": So people experience abroad, the corona crisis

But where does this Serenity, which borders in the current Situation of negligence, according to the estimates of the experts Believe is coming? The author, Robin Wasserman expressed in the case of Twitter, the theory is that these parents grew up generation, the cold war and the nuclear threat, which have marked a special consciousness: “no Matter how bad things seem, the serious, the case never really.” And, apparently, it’s up to us to take the children to them in times of pandemic, a little bit of this, in principle, positive and sympathetic attitude.

Coronavirus: “But, but, I take it seriously”

On Sunday, when my mother was in a rather empty train back to Düsseldorf was driven, she said on the phone that she wanted to actually go in a couple of days to visit my aunt in Holland, both would have chosen but in the short term, but on the other hand: “too stressful” given the current situation. To stressful? I tried my mother’s as clearly as possible to make that decision, even just somewhere to go, your a long time of policy acceptance. She laughed, and as we hung up, I was just angry.

"Uneasy Gefühl"

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A few hours later, I wrote you in Whatsapp: “I have the feeling that you are not taking this still serious.” As a senior teacher, I instructed them to behave finally and in the next time to fucking stay at home. Then I felt relieved for the first Time in days, in a strange way. “But, but,” wrote my mother a little later, “I take it seriously.”

Well, finally, I thought. Sometimes you have to speak as a child, just a power word with the love of the parents. Especially when you just don’t want to hear.

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