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With the power of Plants against menopausal complaints

Dizziness, hot flashes, insomnia: these are just some of the symptoms, which typically occur in the menopause. Also emotional upsets and depression may go hand-in-hand with the Menopause. Not always hormone replacement therapy is the same it is necessary, a pharmacist, Ursula Funke, President of the pharmacists Association of Hesse. Mild to moderate discomfort can also be used with herbal medicines to be relieved.

In menopause the hormonal balance of the woman. Sufferers experience this transition in very different ways: While some have few or no significant complaints, others suffer greatly from the change. Hot flashes, sweating, and dizziness are common, but it can also occur listlessness, insomnia, emotional upsets and depression. In addition, skin and mucous membranes change: The skin becomes increasingly thinner and less elastic, the skin and mucous membranes dry skin. This can also lead to pain during intercourse.

Mild to moderate menopausal symptoms can be met with a pharmacist, spark, and herbal ingredients. Be assured, the positive effect of black cohosh. Affected would have to bring a little bit of patience, because the positive effects of the plant hormone show up at the earliest after four weeks of taking. A replacement for a hormone replacement therapy, the herbal active ingredient was not, however,.

In additional mood swings can also be combined with St. John’s wort may be considered. The effect of mild to moderate depression. But be careful: St. John’s wort, the effect of other drugs may affect. Other medicines be taken, in addition to should you find yourself in the pharmacy, not necessarily because of possible effects and interactions, advice. There is irritability and restlessness, hops and Valerian is calming. Sage helps in sweating and night sweating.

Women suffer outbreaks only slight hot flushes and sweats, can be sufficient for a change in life style may be to the improvement. Hot flashes can be reduced by adequate exercise, a low room temperature, and the reduction of Obesity. Pharmacist Funke advises women in menopause in addition to pay attention to a conscious, calcium – and Vitamin D-rich diet to prevent osteoporosis. The complaints are heavy or the pressure is big, is always a consultation with a physician is useful.


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