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With infrared light for the treatment of tension

Against muscle tension and pain only pills or exercise do not help. In some cases, this also heat is useful: in addition to special Plasters, hot water bottles or a sauna also infrared treatments can relieve the discomfort.

While lamps infrared earlier in many households has found, come on nowadays, for the most changing tables use, where newborns are cared for. Here you have the task, the body heat of the babies to maintain. But adults can also benefit from the red light, if you are suffering from acute or chronic muscular pain, circulation problems, deep-seated complaints of the lumbar spine, or a chronic nose sinusitis. "The use of infrared light can initiate, in addition to the feel-good effect, which occurs due to heat, also the body’s own processes, the complaints verbessern", Dr. Utta Petzold, a Physician at the health insurance company Barmer declared.

What light is infrared?

Infrared is a natural component of sunlight. Depending on the shaft length is different between the infrared A, B, or C. a Therapeutically only infrared-A, which penetrates five to six millimeters deep into the skin and in this way, the perfused areas of the skin can reach is used in humans. "The increased blood flow has the positive effect that, among other things, more oxygen in the affected Region will be transported and at the same time metabolic products can be better transported away. The reduced pain. In addition, the combination of muscle relaxation and increased blood flow is slightly anti-inflammatory,” says Petzold. Modern infrared lamps have high safety standards and are also in daily use in the own four walls. Depending on the manufacturer, you should adhere to about 30 to 50 centimeters distance from the infrared lamp, and a day not longer than about 15 minutes of use. Here, Petzold advises not to look in the source, to avoid damage to the eyes.

Pain occurs during the treatment or existing pain, strengthen the irradiation must be canceled. In some cases, infrared is light, but also the opposite effect, for example, if an acute inflammation. Also in the case of severe heart disease, thrombosis, or Diabetes you should keep the expert is that prior to the use of infrared light, necessarily consult with the attending physician. Otherwise, your eyes and relax.


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