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With 20, 30, 45, 50 years: This is the best cancer screening schedule for each age

Early detected cancer or its precursors can often heal. In order to track it, everyone should regularly go to early detection research. These are there for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer. This is the Plan for every age, both men and women.

The cancer on the track – the earlier, the better: The cancer Screening early detection program in Germany for the legal Cancer. The health insurance funds assume the costs to discover five common types of cancer in a timely manner. Who has particularly exposed to the risk of cancer because, for example, in the family, many relatives are ill, you can individually arrange for more intensive investigations.

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Cancer Check from 20 years ago

For Women

Cervical cancer:

On cervical cancer 2014 (latest Figures) sufferers in Germany, more than 4600 women.

Once a year the gynecologist examines the external and internal Genital, and makes a smear examination of the cervix and cervical. With the so-called Pap-Test shows whether the cells of the uterus have throat inflammation or tissue changes as early signs of cancer.

Outlook: From the beginning of 2020, the smear is for women 35 years and over-investigation every three years, this combined with a HPV Test. This tracks Human papilloma viruses, considered to be the major trigger for cervical cancer.

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Cancer Check-up from 30 or 35 years

For Women

Breast cancer:

This type of cancer is, with approximately 69,000 new cases each year, by far the most common in women in Germany.

From 30 years, the health insurance to pay once a year, that Breasts and armpits are sampled. It is also important that women examine their breast on a regular basis. So you can nodules as cancer precursors at an early stage.

From 50 up to and including 69 cancer-Screening provides mammography every two years. The x-ray examination of the chest can detect cancer early, so that affected women will have chances of good healing. However, the mammography is controversial. Particularly in the case of dense breast tissue to “hide” malicious tumors on the image. About 60 of the 100 to stay here undetected.

A more reliable result with more than 95 percent hit rate for all tissue types could provide a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This breast MRI, the funds to pay but currently not for all, but only for women with very high breast cancer risk.

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For women and men

Skin cancer:

Each year, about 22,000 people with malignant melanoma (black skin cancer) are diagnosed in Germany.

35 years and over covered by insurance by law, every two years, is entitled to the skin cancer Check. The skin doctor ask specifically for skin changes, it takes the entire body, including the hairy head under the microscope and evaluated liver spots.

Special microscopes (such as incident light microscopes), for a more precise analysis practitioners often have to pay extra (about 15 to 25 euros).

Eye-catching skin changes, removes the dermatologist to take a tissue sample and in the laboratory to clarify.

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Cancer Check from 45 years ago

For Men

Prostate cancer:

In Germany, this is by far the most common type of cancer in men: In the year 2014 (latest Figures) ill just 57.400 Affected new.

From the age of 45 years, the health insurance to pay once a year, the scanning of the prostate from the rectum as well as the examination of the external Genitals and sampling of the lymph nodes in the groin.

PSA Test: not reported additional performance, the prostate-specific antigens (or PSA) in the blood measures, is still controversial. The experts of the cancer information service, not judgments: “Whether men with regular PSA-life Tests, longer and better, is.”

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Cancer-Check from 50 years ago

For women and men

Colon cancer:

Currently, colorectal cancer is among men in Germany is the third most common and in women the second most common tumor disease. In the year 2018 33,000 men and 26,000 women patients in a colorectal carcinoma (the estimation of the German epidemiological cancer registry and the centre for cancer registry data at the Robert Koch-Institute).

Between the ages of 50 and up to and including 54 years should be once a year schedule the Test for hidden (occult) blood in the stool on the Pension.

Women aged 55 and over, men aged 50 years and above are entitled to two colonoscopies (colonoscopies) in the space of ten years.

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    The diagnosis of colorectal cancer means for patients is not only an emotional break down, but often also a financial. Who wants to support patients, you can donate to the following account:

    Felix Burda Foundation
    IBAN: DE35 6808 0030 0730 0323 01
    Commerzbank Offenburg
    Keyword: “patient assistance colon cancer”

    For more information, please refer to this Link. The Felix Burda Foundation with headquarters in Munich was founded in 2001 by Dr. Christa Maar and the publisher Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda and bears the name of its 2001 cancer of the colon, deceased son.

    The Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the prevention of colon cancer and is today one of the most well-known, non-profit institutions in the German Health Community.

In addition to the statutory early cancer detection program

In addition, doctors often recommend additional investigations. As a so-called “IGeL”services, the Patient must pay a ultrasound of the female reproductive organs or the PSA Test for men self. In order to decide whether this is useful, should you personal advantages and disadvantages with your doctor, and discuss.

Therefore, cancer prevention and cancer early detection is important

Prevent cancer before it occurs – to provide, care. In fact, this is possible forms in the case of colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and some skin cancer. If you already have the precursors of cancer detected and be removed directly, are not able to grow the diseased cells even more.

Early detection helps to find tumors while they are still small. This simplifies the treatment and improves the chances of cure.

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