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What is the difference between influenza, a cold, and Coronavirus?

The first confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Germany currently make many people fear. Anyone who suffers from pain runny nose and sore throat, you must not Worry: the Coronavirus is manifested by other symptoms.

Runny nose and sore throat, the classic symptoms of a cold, are typical of infection with the new Coronaviurs. The new agents with the shortcuts to 2019-nCoV seems to infest the lower respiratory tract. Therefore, typical the common cold are not symptoms such as Sneezing and runny nose, according to previous Reports in the literature. The main symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Coronavirus befäthe respiratory llt ways

In a report in the journal "The Lancet" have studied Chinese scientists, the first 41 cases of the disease from China in more detail. All patients with a 2019-nCoV infection, which were treated in the hospital, had pneumonia. 98% had fever, 76 percent (dry) cough, 55 per cent suffered from shortness of breath and 44 percent under Fatigue. Only three patients complained of headache, one had diarrhea. Other Reports suggest that many infections with the new Coronavirus could run, however, even mild to asymptomatic. There is a case report, after the positive tested child of an affected family symptom-free.

Typical of an Influenza infection, a flu, in addition to a dry cough, and sudden onset, often high fever is also a strong feeling of illness and headache, muscle and joint pain. From the symptoms ago flu for the layman to distinguish bad from infections with the new Coronavirus to. Crucial for the suspected 2019-nCoV infection, the possible exposure is according to the current status: is at risk, especially, who was in the affected areas in China, especially in Hubei province, as well as those who have had close contact with persons from these areas.

Who noticed the above symptoms, should go to the doctor. This will optionally send a sample with expectoration (Sputum) to a qualified laboratory to let on respiratory viruses.

Erkäcold and Coronavirus lässt easy to distinguish

Easier to banal colds are against it. The typical symptoms of pain, such as neck, on a cold, slimy cough, a slightly raised temperature, tiredness and mild to moderate headache usually occurs gradually over several days. Often only the neck hurts first, the cough comes only later. You will feel not ill, but not so absolutely powerless as in the case of a real flu.