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Trump thinks about disinfectant-spraying against Corona

You can see in the Video, which suggests U.S. President Donald Trump as a remedy for the corona virus.

US President, Donald Trump has taken care of with idiosyncratic suggestions for possible therapeutic approaches in the fight against the Coronavirus caused a stir. At a press conference on Thursday evening, he said: “You could provide the body with a lot of light, ultra-violet or just a very strong light. They said it had not yet been verified, but you will test it. You could bring the light either through the skin, or in any other way into the Interior of the body. That sounds interesting. I still see a disinfectant, it sets the Virus to a Minute out of action. Can we take it by injection to the Inside or “clean”? The Virus enters the lungs and causes damage. It would be interesting to check that, so that Doctors can use it. We will see. But the whole concept with the light, as it goes in and a Minute, this is… quite strong.” The US coordinator for the Coronavirus, Deborah Birx responded puzzled, and said, you have not heard of light as a method of treatment against the Virus so far. Experts warn, meanwhile, that it was one of the most dangerous proposals have been made in connection with the Coronavirus. The injection of disinfectants is likely to be fatal for humans.