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Travel In Style Like The Rich And Famous

Whether you are traveling to that special family function or for the spring break party… do it in style! We have seen people experience different happenings during travel with either regrets or perfection. Going through the airport and by the time you reach across, your luggage is nowhere to be found! How harder can life get?!   

Our favorite celebrities have had the trouble too and with some rethinking, they have designed some cool tips you will love. Oh, before you continue, try to have a little extra dollar to achieve some of these…  

Adrianna Lima – GPS Tracking Suitcase   

The trouble of can’t finding your luggage when you arrive at your destination is almost heart-wrenching! This is why Adrianna Lima has invested – and is encouraging others to do the same – in a GPS tracking suitcase. It connects to an app on your phone that enables you to know real-time where your bags are…cool if you ask us!   

Chrissy Teigen – Create A Lookbook   

This will save you valuable space and time on your vacation, according to Chrissy Teigen. The lookbook enables you to plan ahead your every outfit that you will need to wear. It seems like a waste of time to many but why have the trouble to rummage for an outfit when you finally land?   

Julia Stiles – Bubble Wrap   

Using bubble wrap is a great source of protection as Julia Stiles notes it has done wonders. Putting your toiletries or easy to break items in bubble wrap-lined bags will save you a lot and it is also TSA approved.   

Lily Aldridge – Dual-Use Items   

Packing dual-use items will save you lots of space as well as result in less luggage for your journey. Model Lily Aldridge says while packing to travel you can use items that serve many purposes like for instance a scarf – it serves as a warmer for your trip and a sarong for your beachwear. Thank you, Girl!

Rebecca Minkoff – Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold   

Going army style is a great idea and has been proven by fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff. She states the action gives you the opportunity to pack more clothes in a smaller space. This way, you can have a more flexible travel experience.

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