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Trauma surgeon about the enormous time pressures in their Job: It is often also operates worse

The female patient, 75 years of age, was thrown on the road and had broken the radius in the forearm. On the x-ray image, the fragments were moved only a little. Surgery or forearm rail? You would be younger, and employed, it would be simple: With a SURGERY, you would be able to your Hand faster re-use. But she was a Pensioner and, in addition, right-handed: you needed your left Hand is not urgent. In addition, she suffered from osteoporosis, bone loss, therefore, they would wear anyway, four weeks in a cast. I explained both options, and I am obliged, and she decided to clear: No OP.

To be sure, I asked my colleague and our senior doctor, who saw it as well. The next day, our chief doctor was angry. You would have had to operate, he said. “You didn’t want the OP,” I said. “But! I just talked to her. You will be in for surgery tomorrow.” What can I say? He had spread in front of her, his peacock feathers, with his vast experience boasted, and coaxed them as a totally unnecessary intervention. You were my mother, I would have advised against. During the SURGERY, nerves and blood vessels can be injured. Also, the anesthesia may result, especially in elderly patients to complications. But the surgery brings 700 euros, a plaster only 50.

In the case of packages every intervention counts, and the shorter it takes, the better. The operating rooms must run around the clock. If we make fewer interventions, steals us next week, perhaps the vascular surgery a half a day of SURGERY. And the management would ask what is going on in the field of accident surgery? Under the enormous pressure of time is often surgery even worse. There are two OP-variants, not choose the better but the faster.

And it grows to be a Problem for the future: Young people today can complete many of the houses of their mandatory intervention, because they would need to long. Possibly assist you. But in the end, you get admission to the Board examination procedures to certify that you have not made independently. The danger: you will be deficient formed is released to the patient.

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