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Toothpaste between the legs: Why gynecologists women warn

How women come up with the idea to put toothpaste between the legs, is not used. But the fact is that the supposed Beauty Trend with Youtube and Twitter mad and more and more women cream their teeth not only on the toothbrush, but also in the genital area are spread. But the dream of a tighter Vagina and more fun Sex dangerous. International women’s doctors strongly advise.

Experts warn: toothpaste is corrosive

“Toothpaste is a sensitive parts of the body, like the Vagina corrosive,” warns Dr. Oluwole Yusuf from Nigeria. You could destroy organisms that protect the Vagina from infections, so the Gynakologe to the Internet portal “”. That toothpaste tight the Vagina is a “myth”, explained to his British colleague, Vanessa Mackay in the newspaper “The Sun”. This is exactly what the women, the grease in the genital area with toothpaste speculate, apparently. In addition, rumors that they’ll get to circulate the man more fun during Sex. Also, the fresh scent of peppermint or chamomile to motivate women to this unusual cosmetic practice.

Why is the toothpaste in the step dangerous?

A glance at the ingredients suggests, why toothpaste should only be used in the mouth applied. Because the trade included the usual pastes, among others, sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant that as the allergenic and irritating to the skin applies to – may dry out the skin, the mucous. Some of the toothpastes is mixed with Triclosan, a substance that is often used in cleaning agents. In the mouth, it should help to inhibit bacteria – is at the same time, but suspected carcinogens. In the so-called “whitening toothpastes” can be found, also, Titanium dioxide, tiny nano particles, which can pass through the mucosa into the blood and destroy cells. In addition, toothpastes generally contain various Sweetening and thickening agent, the cause of the Vagina, although no damage is alleged but no firming effect.

Dental cream in your step: men nonsense

The “Sun”according to a report in has been the idea of toothpaste in the step, in the meantime, men around. A Youtuber claims that the flexion of premature ejaculation, and man hang in there during Sex for 30 minutes longer. This is also nonsense to say women doctors and warn due to the Oils contained in the bleaching agent against severe damage and painful burns are liable.

Women who want to tighten their Vagina slowly, fiddling instead with toothpaste to Yoga Exercises or pelvic floor Training set.

Sources: “The Sun”; “The News Agency of Nigeria”

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