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Tobacco heater are as harmful as cigarettes

According to a new study, tobacco heater are not a better Alternative to traditional cigarettes: In a direct comparison of traditional cigarettes, tobacco heaters and E-cigarettes have been damage to human lung cells through all the procedures.

In the study, the Inhalants of tobacco were heaters with E-cigarettes, in which liquids are evaporated, and the traditional cigarettes directly compared. The result: All three products are for human lung cells toxic.

The researchers tested the smoke and the fumes of these products in two cell types from the human respiratory tract and found that, particularly Inhalants, tobacco heaters and conventional cigarettes in relatively small amounts of cell damage caused. In the Vapours of E-cigarettes, this was only at higher concentrations.

Dr. Pawan Sharma from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, explained: "We know that damage to these lung cells can destroy the tissue, which can lead to deadly diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or lung cancer. Also, the risk for Asthma is increased. Therefore, we should not assume that these devices are a better Option."