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These Exercises relieve pain in the lower back

Back a real people disease pain. Due to the problems often long periods of Sitting. Lithuanian scientists have developed a simple exercise program for stabilization of the spine, such pain prevent. The effect lasted for much longer than that of a usual training program to strengthen the back muskultur.

To 70 volunteers, scientists from Lithuania have tested a program of exercises to stabilize the spine. It was designed specifically the back to treat pain in people who sit a lot. With the Exercises, which were carried out over 20 weeks, twice a week, not improved, only the non-specific pain in the lower back, the effect lasted compared to a usual muscle strengthening program is also three times longer.


Üexercises are based on Pilates

According to Dr. Kliziene of the Technical University of Kaunas, it is for the prevention of back pain is essential to strengthen the deep muscles of the lumbar region, the Multifidus muscle. The exercise program is based on the Pilates methodology, and is composed of static and dynamic Exercises. The static Exercises (figure 1 and 4) will be held six to 20 seconds, the dynamic 8 to 16 Times (figure 2 and 3) is repeated.

After four weeks, the Multifidus had a muscle in the case of the participants in the stabilization group increased measurably – in contrast to the participants who completed a regular muscle training. Although both training methods, the area eliminating the pain in the lower back effectively stopped the effect of stabilization exercises to twelve weeks after the completion of the exercise programme, for General muscle strengthening, there were only four weeks.

Kliziene is confident that, with the exercise program to stabilize the spine, pain in the lower back to relieve and prevent recurrence, so that medical interventions can be avoided.