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There are good and bad sugar?

The consumer advice centre in Hamburg, wanted to know: What is a consumer? The answers show that in the North, no desire for unnecessary packaging. But sugar is the consumer of the Hanseatic city. Almost two-thirds who participated in the survey stated that they would like to eat less sugar. And you want better content information on the packaging to discover the sugar faster.

Approximately 35 kilograms of sugar to eat, the German per capita per year. More significantly, as an international nutrition experts recommend. The impact for the society: Obesity, Diabetes, high blood pressure, and of course tooth decay.

Ravioli out of a can

If it needs to go fast, and are Ravioli out of the can is a popular Snack. They are not necessarily healthy, is hardly surprising. A Portion (400 grams), approximately twelve grams of sugar stuck.

Fructose, Glucose, honey – sugar has many names

One of the major problems in dealing with sugar, the myths persist-support. Time Fructose is supposed to be less unhealthy than Glucose, honey is the supposedly better sugar. Unfortunately, this is all wrong. The research combines in the meantime, the term “free sugar,” all sugars added to foods and drinks. Often this is not the consumers even so clear – in 100 grams of Ketchup around 22 grams of sugar stuck. Another Problem with these sugars is the difficulty in dosing is. So you drink quite simply a can of soda – but four Apples nobody would eat because the fruit fibres make them very sick, describes the “BBC” the Problem of the “free sugar”.

The misconception that Fructose is better than Glucose, is wrong. Both belong to the group of the monosaccharides, the simple sugars,. Colloquially, this is referred to Glucose as dextrose, Fructose as fruit sugar. Previously it was believed that Fructose was better for diabetics, because there – in contrast to Glucose, no Insulin is secreted. Meanwhile, experts have evidence to suggest that fructose is preferentially stored as abdominal fat, especially liver fat or visceral belly fat.

Who wants less sugar, you should work on habits: Instead of eating chocolate on the Sofa, put a small bowl with almonds and nuts on the table. Or you can use a smaller piece of very dark chocolate.

Hidden sugar in sauces and salads

The biggest hurdle for consumers are usually not sugary sodas or ice cream, because that sugar is included, we know finally. It becomes more problematic in the case of processed foods, which do not, a glance at the ingredients list makes it clear that it is a sugar bomb.

In addition to Ketchup much sugar is even in the soluble Cappuccino, Cornflakes, pineapple from the tin, tomato sauce, and even herring salad. Who wants to know exactly how much sugar was processed in a food, you should check the ingredients carefully. The consumer has a list of common sugar and sugar-rich ingredients brought together: