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Teens: Make video games you fat?

The connection seems obvious: anyone Who spends large parts of his spare time in front of the Computer or the game console, is thicker. This assumption is true, but only conditionally, as a study by the University of Würzburg shows.

The stereotype to a Gamer with Chips and Cola sitting in front of the Computer or the game console: A combination of little exercise and an unhealthy diet, you would expect that it makes you fat. Scientists from Würzburg, Linz and Bamberg have evaluated 20 studies with more than 38,000 people in order to check whether this assumption is true.

They noted that this is only limited to the case that Only a percentage of the Excess leave on intensive Video – or computer games, and even in adults. In children and adolescents there is no connection between video games and the body weight.

The communication psychologist Professor Markus Appel of the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg concludes: "May fettleibigere people to stay during the Transition into adulthood more of your Hobby in the video games true, while for others new leisure offers important werden". The study also showed that probably the lack of movement is for the extra Kilos gamers responsible. Wrong eating habits or lack of sleep could not be substantiated as the cause clearly. For the analysis, only non-active video games were taken into account, which will be played in a Sitting position.