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Super-seniors: researchers solve the mystery of a hundred years – and that is in the cells

100 years old and still pretty fit – how do the Super-seniors? Japanese scientists have solved the puzzle, now to a large extent. A special feature in your immune system, protects the cells of the seniors in front of a fast decay and, above all, against cancer.

Japan is considered the Land of the hundred-year-old. Nowhere else in the world, many elderly people, the your 100 life. Birthday experience, and even then not for a long time to Die think. In 2015, 146 people 110 and older lived in Japan. Many of them are in remarkably good physical condition.

Long a healthy diet with lots of fish and vegetable proteins, the life-long professional and volunteer employment, social appreciation of old age and the regular relaxation in the forest and in the bath house had to serve as an explanation of the special circumstances of life of Japanese seniors:.

Hundreds of style or immune system, thanks to Life?

The traditional Japanese way of life is not enough, researchers at the center for Integrative medicine in Yokohama, however, as a pattern of explanation for high age and Fitness. The scientists led by Kosuke Hashimoto and search rather in the immune system of the Super-seniors after that. The first results have now been published.

The innate and the acquired body’s defense forces are at the age to be weaker. The cellular composition of the immune system is altered. By this so-called immune senescence, the body becomes more susceptible to diseases. The risk for infections, auto-immune diseases and cancer is on the rise.

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Super-seniors have abnormally active immune cells

The Team of Japanese and Italian researchers, in Yokohama filtered thousands of immune cells from the blood of a hundred years and analyzed individually. In the process, they discovered

Researchers were surprised by a high volume of T-lymphocytes directed specifically against cancer cells. The hundred-year-old had different types of it in the blood:

A large amount of young people are occurring in CD-8 positive lymphocytes, but, above all, very many of the cytotoxic CD4-positive cells. The anticancer property two percent of these volunteers have usually just once-immune cells. In the case of the elderly, the proportion was 25 percent.

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Seniors-immune cells that fight viruses and attack directly the cancer

Cytotoxic T-cells, attack directly the cancer cells. In the animal model, they were able to destroy entire tumors. Protect, apparently, also against viral infections, such as Influenza, Hepatitis or HIV.

The Japanese research team suspects behind the increase in cytotoxic immune cells, their Constant struggle with the virus. Thus, they had cloned virtually.

With such a reinforced defensive cells of the immune system of people who are very old and remain healthy can fight off a typical age phenomenon, namely, that the normal process of cell division to more and more errors. The function of the organism is maintained and the cancer cells are destroyed before they become tumors.

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