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Super donor searched: Why feces of some people is so valuable

The research team led by Dr Justin O’sullivan of the University of Auckland has been working for several years with human waste – or to be more precise: with the Transplantation of a chair – a young medical therapy option to repair the intestinal flora of diarrhea-patients. What at first sounds rather unappetizing, it can save the most Affected in the truest sense of the word the.

Important: The only disease in which this method as a therapy is established, is a bacterial infection with Clostridium difficile. The hospital germ known pathogens can cause life-threatening Vomiting and diarrhoea.

O’Sullivan, according to a recent report in the journal “Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology” but a new hot track. In a large-scale study in which they investigated the most successful donations, more accurately, were able to identify the researchers, apparently, a kind of Superkot. This will help after a transplant permanently or temporarily, at least – more reliable than average samples, the scientists report.

Where is the super donor?

O’sullivan believed that there are so-called super donor, whose feces contains an ideal blend of healing bacteria. This is particularly suitable to donate. But: “we Still do not understand what constitutes a good donor,” he says. Even so, it is difficult to find such a donor. To make matters worse, the willingness to donate fecal matter, is in the population, rather sparsely marked.

“Some of my friends find that disgusting”

An exception is Claudia camp Ella. The 31-Year-old works at a British Uni. In her spare time, she donates feces. “Some of my friends find this disgusting, but that doesn’t bother me,” she told the BBC. The Whole thing was complicated and she is looking forward to helping the science. Whether it is the sought-after super donor, she doesn’t care. Much more important is the barriers in the minds of friends to break her. “The donation is super easy. I collect fresh stool samples in a small bucket, the me, the hospital has provided,” says Campanella. On the way to work, you give the donations. “Child’s play” find the vegan.

Transplantation via colonoscopy

In contrast to Germany, there are in the USA already called the chair banks. As the Portal reported, get the donor here is a compensation of 40 dollars for a sample. In this country, the stool samples will be first on the pathogens investigated, and later in a laboratory in a saline solution, diluted, and filtered. Administered mirroring the now clear liquid to the patient by means of a colon. Chair transplant ation in capsule form are currently being explored.

Therapy approaches for Alzheimer’s disease and MS?

The researchers in new Zealand the Superkot and the mysterious super donations continue on the trail. Also, because you hope to gain from your research findings, could play in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Asthma or Multiple sclerosis a role.