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Study dispels myth: a beer is to much! Video

Most people assume that you add with a SIP of alcohol, your body no great harm. A global study shows, however: He is even in small quantities, fatal.

The Belief that a SIP of alcohol may not be bad or even beneficial to health, is widely used. A study published in the journal “The Lancet”, however, comes to a different conclusion: Whether wine, beer or liqueur – a drop of it is unhealthy.

The clear conclusions of the analysis are: The health risks of alcohol are massive. They far outweigh the small positive effects on certain heart diseases can cause a moderate consumption of alcohol. Alone, a Zero-consumption of alcohol therefore minimizes the overall risk for health problems.

Germany is one of the consumption of alcohol to one of the top performers

The study is a large-scale overview study by scientists at the University of Washington about the health consequences of alcohol consumption. In 694 studies on the individual and national consumption of alcohol, as well as 592 studies on the health effects in the investigation of a fin.

Germany is one of in terms of regular alcohol consumption to increase the width of the top. It lands in the world, with 94.3 percent for men in fourth place, and with 90 per cent in women. In the year 2016 43,486 men and 18,619 women on the consequences of consumption, died in Germany.

There is no safe limit for alcohol

Alcohol is worldwide the seventh most common cause of premature death. Overall, it is for 2.2 percent of all deaths in women and 6.8 percent of all deaths in men responsible. In men between 15 and 49 years of age, 12.2 percent of deaths are due to the fact.

The scientists emphasize that there is no safe lower limit for alcohol. They now appeal mainly to the policy to regulate the consumption in the world more.

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