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Sports after the common cold: when can you train again?

Athletes find it hard sometimes to listen to your body. Clear: they are accustomed to push him to his limits and to reach beyond, to new training goals. The organism fights against an infection, however, that is not a good idea: Otherwise, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which can have life-threatening consequences.

But how is it with the grey area between “totally knocked out” and “slightly verschnieft, but otherwise you doin’”? When you are fit enough to be able to safely play sports?

The sports medicine specialist Edward Laskowski of the U.S. Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine formulated on the clinic Website, the following rule of thumb: “exercise is usually okif your symptoms on the ‘above the neck’ limit. A runny or stuffy nose, Sneezing or mild sore throat belong to.” Long or intense the Workout should be. To go “instead of Jogging, take a walk,” advises Laskowski.

Howard LeWine, Internist and editor-in-chief at Harvard Health Publishing advises: “your first Workout should be easy. You should not be out of breath come.” Then you could boost yourself up to the usual amount of exercise – but slowly. Initially, it would be better to halve the intensity and duration of your workout.

Clearly too early for sports, it is the view of the two experts with the following complaints:

  • Fever
  • Cough, breathing problems, stomach discomfort, or other symptoms of illness below the neck
  • Exhaustion
  • Muscle pain

In case of doubt, it is of course safest to waituntil all complaints have disappeared – or to the house doctor to ask.


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