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Smart clothing neutralizes odor

Heat, stressful situations or intense Training: Unpleasant perspiration odour can be embarrassing. Portuguese researchers want to remedy the situation, by modifying the substance of cotton so that it sets when in contact with sweat a Citrus Aroma. In the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces they reported their first success.

Scientists around the world are working on "intelligent Kleidung", the stimuli such as light, temperature, or mechanical stress, perceives and reacts, for example by changing the color or conducts an electrical Signal. Researchers in Portugal have developed two methods, specifically fragrance, made of cotton fabric release. Your reinvention exudes β-Citronellol, a lemon grass-derived fragrance, as a reaction to sweat.

The scientists have found a protein in the nose of pigs, the "Odorant-Binding-Protein" (OBP), which binds to β-Citronellol. The OBP have changed, the researchers so that it can be of cotton pair. For the second method, the researchers packaged the scent in liposomes and in a similar way on the fabric-as well as the Citronellol-Laden OBP. Due to the low pH of sweat of both the OBP, as well as the liposomes, β-release-Citronellol.

The comparison of the two strategies revealed that the OBP made the scent quickly, while the liposomes made him of slow and controlled-free. The liposomes were loaded with more fragrance. Both of these methods may be for a variety of apparel applications as useful, hope the researchers.