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Sleeping with contact lenses is dangerous

Proper care of contact lenses is important for carefree Wear and a good view. The lenses not take out while you Sleep increases the risk for infections solid and can have unpleasant consequences. Even then, if you wear it for longer continuous periods are designed for.

"To sleep with contact lenses, is risky and can führen&quot to permanent infection and, in some cases, to damage;, Prof. Dr. Jon Femling from the Department of emergency medicine at the Medical faculty of the University of New Mexico says. Even a NAP is increased according to his statement, the probability for serious health problems considerably. The scientists described in the January issue of the medical journal Annals of Emergency Medicine, six cases of patients who have suffered due to long Wear of contact lenses serious infections:

A Patient was sleeping regularly three to four times per week with the lenses and also went with them to swim. He had red eyes and blurred vision and had to be treated for by fungi and bacteria-caused inflammation of the cornea.

Another example illustrates the case of a teenage girl who had purchased the lenses without a prescription in a drugstore. You got a corneal ulcer, you kept the scars.

Another man was wearing on lenses for two weeks, the same days. He contracted a bacterial infection, the cornea perforated skin, and finally, a transplant had to be carried out, in order to save his right eye. "To sleep with lentils, is one of the most common and most risky behaviors among youth and adults contact lens wearers. If you want to avoid a trip to the emergency room due to an infection, is the good care of a Muss", so Femling.