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Researchers examine the everyday masks – a variant protects by far the best

Whether shopping or in a Bus or train: In many public areas of everyday life are masks for protection against the Coronavirus duty. In addition to fabric masks, including blankets, or scarves are permitted, as long as you cover the mouth and nose. But what kind of mask is recommended and keeps droplets when coughing and Sneezing is best? This question is investigated by a team of researchers from the “Florida Atlantic University”. The results they report in the journal “Physics of Fluid”.

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In a Check of four different mask types were therefore:

Not masks were tested, as you need physicians and nursing staff in hospitals. The effect of professional masks is already occupied by other Tests. In addition, these masks should be reserved for individuals who have regular contact with vorerkrankten people, or in the care are.

Everyday masks against the Coronavirus was tested

The researchers mounted the masks on a mannequin and simulated by using a pump with coughing and Sneezing. In addition, they used a fog machine to make the particles visible. After they evaluated the results: How far flown droplets were in the different models? Which mask protects surrounding people, therefore, at best?

The result was clear: At best, the self-made and well-fitting mask cutting. You held back the droplets effectively. In the experiment, particles were flying about 6.6 inches wide. The mask out of the trade with an average of about 20 centimeters, something worse. Less the cloth bag cloth (38 inches) and the neck-cloth is made of elastic T-Shirt Material were able to convince about it. In the case of the latter, threw the droplets from coughing and Sneezing, despite covering more than a Meter wide. Without protection, there were 2.4 meters.

As the researchers in order to Siddhartha Verma report, affect both the Material and the design of the masks as well, they hold back resulting droplet – mask is not a mask, therefore, the same. Masks close off is not good, could that affect the effectiveness. Also longer and attached by damp, the protective effect can affect Wear therefore.

Everyday life masks made of cloth can hold back larger particles and thus reduce the risk of infection for the surrounding people. Whether and how well the masks can protect the wearer himself, is, however, unclear. Experts, therefore, stress the importance of distance and hygiene rules. Also, masks should be after each Wear, ideally for a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius, washed.

Source: Physics of Fluids

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