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Öko-Test finds these expensive creams really bad

50 Euro for a normal day cream? It’s not worth it, according to the auditor of Öko-Test, especially if it contains in addition to nourishing substances and harmful substances. Ironically, the most expensive of the 22 tested creams by is therefore smooth.

  • High-priced face creams often contain questionable substances to the preservation and stabilization.
  • Some also give unsustainable Wirkversprechen.
  • Just some of the natural cosmetics meet the demands of the Eco-Tester to a good day cream.

Who wants a youthful and smooth skin, like to grab ready a little deeper in the pocket. Thus the hope of best quality and very good effectiveness is linked to. The auditor of Öko-Test, however, are not convinced of the link “high price – good quality”.

They took 22 days creams from the higher price segment under the magnifying glass, to supply the skin with moisture and fat.


With the content they were materials at least half of the products are very satisfied. The grade of “very good” awards, but only to a six-creams – all certified natural cosmetics, such as the rose day cream from Dr. Hauschka or Weleda Iris Refreshing Tagespflege. Also got a “1”:

  • Cattier Moisturising Day Cream Rose Jojoba Oil
  • Logona Vitamin Cream Organic Avocado
  • Martina Gebhardt Rose Cream
  • Santa verde Aloe vera Creme rich

The Rest they found untenable or unsubstantiated Wirkversprechen: “Counteracts the aging of the skin”, “supports the renewal of cells”, and especially bad for the Ökotester – questionable substances and pollutants.

A smooth “6” there was, therefore, for the five products of large cosmetic companies, including the most expensive cream in the Test, the Biotherm Skin Best cream SPF 15 for just 52 Euro per 50 milliliters. No better fared:

  • Rich moisture cream from Clarins
  • Nutrix cream by Lancôme
  • SensComfort Rich care of Marbert
  • Regenerist moisturiser SPF 15 by Olay

On the list of defects for the grade of “unsatisfactory” were artificial fats based on mineral oil, Paraffins, or silicones, harmful UV-Filter and PEG/PEG-derivatives, which make the skin more permeable to foreign substances. Also, the reprotoxic propyl paraben, or artificial musk fragrance, accumulates in the fatty tissue, don’t want to see Öko-Test in a face cream.

All these substances are the “very good” natural cosmetics-creams without. You can also make any full promises on the packaging. For the Eco-Test the products so as to justify the prices ranging from 17.90 euros and 43,17 Euro for 50 ml.

The entire Test can be found in the December issue of Öko-Test, or here.

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