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No-Go’s in the bed: These are the things you should never do before having Sex

Sex is great fun and is often spontaneous.

It should be an hour, but once a scheduled Schaefer, one should avoid these things in advance.

1. No spicy food

To spicy food just before the Sex acts on two types of negative. To a hot spices influence not only the smell of body odour, but also the "Geschmack".

After every meal it is metabolism products on the skin and mucous membranes. So after a particularly strong flavoured dishes – it can so happen that exudes a special fragrance based on the the Partner or the partner is not really is.

The Same is also true for garlic.

2. Not to drink a lot of alcohol

Admittedly, a little tipsy from the wine relaxes and also makes you a little bolder. Nevertheless, it should be with the "Vorglühen" not overdo it, as alcohol has a numbing effect on the body.

By excessive consumption just before the Sex is less sensitive, which increases the difficulty to come to a climax.

In men, the effects of alcohol are even more obvious. Since it fails, it is in fact not at their peak, but often hard to even get an erection.

3. Not right before Sex shave

Since the skin is reddened after shaving often irritated and very sensitive, you should give his bikini zone, at least a day to recover from the procedure.

A gentle After-Shave-Lotion specially designed for the intimate area can help to cool the skin and leave unsightly redness disappear faster.

4. Don’t eat too much

Sex is not in vain "Matratzensport". Who wants to be with his Partner between the sheets really active should avoid cheese-noodles and co. just before the love game.

This is not only tired and sluggish, but is still hard in the stomach.

Also on raw food you should avoid rather. The ferments in the stomach and can cause unpleasant Burping.

5. Food from the prelude banish

Chocolate sauce, whipped Cream and co. just look in porn sexy in real life but often a great Sauerrei. Honestly, who really comes up to speed, if the hairs are full of Sauce, or a cream spot in the next roll?

Apart from the chocolate sauce and co. are in the genital area at all hygienic.

Mareike Kalbitz

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