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Motorists: Watch out for these drugs

Many people take up sometimes, or permanently medicines. Often is thought that drugs may limit driving ability or reaction times. This also applies to over-the-counter.

A cold juice or drugs against allergies can restrict your ability to drive. On pharmacist Christopher Gulde notes: "Some medicines used to cloud the perception. Here we want to sensibilisieren", says Gulde. As road users, not motorists, but also pedestrians or cyclists apply. "All need to be aware that some medicines can damage, the a yourself, or other gefährden", the pharmacist says.

As an example, Gulde called innocuous eye drops that can affect the sharp. Also in the case of soothing medicines, or sleeping pills traffic need to watch out for participants, because they can develop so-called Overhangs: "The one who takes in the evening, a sleep or a sedative, can also be the next Morning, still in a daze. This can be seen with over-the-counter sleeping pills passieren", says Gulde.

Also, some painkillers have such a strong effect that you can put the ability to react is greatly reduced. Other examples of blood pressure-lowering drugs and drugs against motion sickness &quot are strong;In all of these drugs, the view in the package insert is always very important. The notes to the limited driving ability or the dangers of operating machinery with aufgeführt", says Gulde. Anyone who is unsure to ask in the pharmacy or at his house doctor.


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