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Money laundering in a different way: China cleans because Corona has to be cash

The Numbers scare: Nearly 70,000 people were infected on the Chinese mainland confirmed with Corona, the number of dead is over 1600. With forced quarantine, and hospital buildings in the fast-track procedure and a range of other measures, the government is fighting against a further dissemination. Now if you want to sterilize, in addition, coupons also money.

The Fan Yifei, Deputy Director of the Chinese Central Bank announced during a press conference. They wanted to maintain with the measure, “the public health and safety, if cash is used,” Fan said, according to a report by “Channel News Asia”.

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Dirty Money

Even though cash has not yet been proven as a transmission source of the now Covid-19 well-known Virus is the precautionary measure to understand. The many hands that go Tickets are one of the dirtiest everyday objects. In one study, researchers showed in 2017 on New York Bank notes 397 different bacteria. The flu virus could survive on Seem to be up to 12 days.

The Chinese Central Bank wants to resort to cleaning of the circulation of the Bills in different methods. So you want to irradiate the Bills with ultraviolet light or high temperatures expose. After that, you should be between one and two weeks away. The duration varies with the Severity of the epidemic in the Region.

If possible, banks should give customers in addition, unused Tickets, said Fan. In the most affected Hubei province to the city of Wuhan 4 billion Yuan (that he of 500 million Euro) are to be made of freshly-printed cash available.

Chinese numbers mobile

How strong is the effect of clean notes and coins will be on the spread of the Virus, is difficult to assess. Yet little is known about the existing routes of infection known. In addition, many people in China already prefer to Pay with the Smartphone. While in Germany, the pay services of Google and Apple only slow the Chat is to prevail there-App, WeChat, for years in shops as a method of payment established.

Sources: Channel News Asia, study at the University of New York

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