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Hunger makes us selfish?

Who has Hunger, is often irritable and in a bad mood. The longer you eat, the deeper the mood drops for many people. Whether Hunger also leads to increased selfishness, examined by an international research team of psychologists from Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom now.

In fact, has not confirmed the expectations of the Scientific: Hunger does not make us selfish, as various experiments showed.

For the study, participants should be eating a minimum of twelve hours of nothing, they were so very hungry and with a low blood sugar level in the laboratory. There was a half – the control group – something to eat, in order to generate a fast saturation and a high blood sugar level. The other group remained hungry. The study participants were given different tasks, you should split up, for example, an amount of money or food among themselves. The scientists couldn’t find any evidence that thirst for power, selfish – even when it came to Splitting food.

"Although acute increases Hunger may be a selfish Impulse, not this often in the behavior nieder", study author Prof. Dr. Jan Häusser of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen says. The researchers assume that the possible consequences of – about the impending loss of social status – so heavily weigh that selfish impulses are slowed down.