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How breast cancer cells harmless fat cells are

Cancer cells are very adaptable. This is a property exploited by researchers at the University of Basel, in order to bring breast cancer cells by the combination of a cancer and a diabetes medication, in a harmless fat cells to convert.

Scientists have tricked in mice breast cancer cells in a critical Phase: While the cells were in a state, in which you can change easily, they have brought you to develop harmless fatty cells. The combination of a cancer and a diabetes medicine made it possible: "The breast cancer cells are not differentiated only in fat cells, but they stopped completely, to teilen", says Gerhard Christofori, Professor of biochemistry at the University of Basel.

For the Experiments, the researchers had discounted human breast cancer cells in mice transplanted. A particularly aggressive tumor cells have left the original tumor and were migrated into the surrounding tissue. These cells converted to fat cells, while the cells in the original tumor ceased to divide. First long-term tests suggest that the transformed cancer cells, fat cells and to not be breast cancer cells. ZOU