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Home remedies for Nausea: What really

The reasons for Nausea are often very different. Time, spoiled food are to blame, too much alcohol on the eve of or us a stomach caught the flu. Fortunately, there are some home remedies for Nausea for fast relief.

  • Quiet breathing and a comfortable position to relax the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Vomiting is a natural protective function of the body to transport pollutants from the body
  • Warm herbal teas, and heat pads are helpful home remedies for Nausea and anticonvulsant
  • Diet supplies the body with missing nutrients and not overwhelmed by the stomach
  • Nausea should and vomiting, longer lasting, must be sought the advice of a doctor

Nausea can have many causes, such as a stomach-intestinal flu, is an irritation of the vestibular organ in the inner ear (motion sickness or seasickness), a previous Operation or a food intolerance. Often it is accompanied by vomiting.

If Nausea occurs, helps breathing deep and calm. The best move to fresh air or open a window. Comfortable and loose clothing helps the belly, not constricting, and to be able to breathe more freely. It is also helpful to put yourself in the position. It relaxes the gastro-intestinal tract and can relieve the discomfort.

In the case of vomiting and diarrhea: keep in mind that it is a natural protective function of the body, transport of pathogens or other harmful substances from the body. The ailing body is no longer able to recover and often only when the pollutants are in the body.

Heat and tea is a proven home remedy for Nausea

Heat helps with stomach cramps, to relieve. In addition to hot-water bottles and a spelt or cherry stone pillow, are, therefore, herbal teas are a helpful home remedy for Nausea.

Fennel, anise and caraway appear, particularly in the Form of warm tea, carminative and antispasmodic. Chamomile or ginger tea to relax tense muscles in the gastro-intestinal tract and have anti-inflammatory. However, not every ginger is ideal as a home remedy for Nausea For Pregnant women some of the ingredients can be labor enhancing. Ginger can also inhibit the clotting of blood. Who takes medications that affect blood clotting, you should ask a doctor for advice.

Non-carbonated water with a few drops of lemon juice is also a helpful home remedies for Nausea. Necessarily dispense cold or carbonated drinks. The strengt of the stomach and can intensify the Nausea. Also make sure to drink in small SIPS, so that the body can absorb the liquids easier.

With food be careful

If the stomach has recovered somewhat, should not be resorted to on diet back, to overwhelm the attacked the stomach. Bananas and Apples good home remedies for Nausea are. They are easy to digest and do not burden the stomach. Especially bananas contain a lot of Magnesium, calcium, and starch content.

Carrot have a detoxifying effect and a lot of ballast to get substances that help the Nausea to subside more quickly. For easier digestion, should be prepared the carrots in a soup or porridge. Also, toast is easily digestible. Basically, when Consume, always ensure to chew the food well to make it easier to stomach the work

Thus, the body is supplied with plenty of liquid, serve vegetable soup as a particularly helpful house remedy for Nausea. The Mix of nutrient-rich potatoes, carrots, and celery, can absorb gastric juices and a Surplus reduce it. You avoid meals, the seasoned, spicy or very fatty.

In the case of persistent Nausea for the doctor

However, even home remedies for Nausea alone are not sufficient sometimes, in order to alleviate the discomfort. Nausea should and vomiting for longer than two to three days or symptoms such as severe dizziness, pain, fever or bloody vomiting occur, consult in any case a doctor. Special care is taken when children are ill. Children can become dehydrated when a large fluid loss quickly.