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Healthy and slim using the intestinal flora: We eat as a gardener should

Why are so many overweight?

Genes are not, as it was thought for a long, safe in the current global epidemic of debt. The have not changed in the last 40 years. So quickly, Evolution is not. With them, the rising Numbers can’t be explained.

What is it then?

For me, the most convincing conclusion that our main problem is the poor state of our bacteria in the stomach and intestinal area. The so-called Microbiome.

How come you say that?

Tim Spector works as a Professor of “Genetic Epidemilogie” at King’s College in London. He has won numerous prestigious Medical awards, and is the author of over 700 scientific publications on the topic of nutrition and the causes of Obesity. He is on a diet also the author of the book “myth: What we really know about healthy eating”.

I have researched over the last decades, a lot with identical twins and discovered that If this feed is identical, and behavior that develops your weight nevertheless very different.

Why should it be bacteria to blame?

We understand today in science as a super-organ. They help to digest food, you can have an influence on our appetite, but they also produce important vitamins and minerals, and affect many other things that occur in our body. Their Power over our body, much has been overlooked for too long.

What is today in our bodies differently than in the past?

Many of the important strains of bacteria are lost. The variety has become less. These two factors are clearly in connection with Obesity and the development of Diabetes as well as allergies.

What are the factors that are to blame for this change in bacteria budget?

We use a lot more antibiotics unfortunately, if it is actually completely superfluous. Across all age groups. Antibiotics are also found more and more in the meat we consume. In small doses, but regularly. In addition, we have reduced the variety of plants that we eat.

How can that be? At the fruit and vegetable Stand, the offer is as great as never?

Yes, but we are creatures of habit. An average supermarket in the UK has 30,000 products in the shelves. But we are basically always the same food. We rely on only a few components. This is too little. We no longer eat seasonally. In the UK the most common lunch is a Sandwich and the people eat five Times per week the same Sandwich.

What are the reasons?

Today we eat too many highly processed foods.

What do you mean?

Ready-made meals, which are pumped full of chemicals, for example. If you look at the list of ingredients is bad for you. Many of the things we consume today, contain 20 chemicals of which we don’t know for sure, what you trigger in the long term, in the human organism. But also things like refined sugar, cause damage to the Microbiome. Artificial sweeteners are especially bad. As well as preservatives.

Why it took so long, to the importance of bacteria has been detected in the etiology of Obesity?

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Topics in this issue:

Not to study, not because we had the means. We only had a clue. In addition, has the research long with the bacteria that made us sick. We had a few years ago, no idea how wonderfully diverse bacteria are. In Overweight, we were able to demonstrate that the composition of their bacterial is much worse and much less varied than in the case of normal weight.

This is also one of the reasons why so many diets fail?

Yes, we have not taken account of this extra body so far and not thought of what it might do him good. We have counted instead of calories and nutrients. This is a completely wrong way to go, if you want to have a long-term success. Of course, so you will lose time weight. But it’s not sustainable. The bad bacteria will ensure that we gain the weight back. You can control, for example, our appetite for sugar. Because you need to Survive.

We are in a quasi remote-controlled?

In a certain sense, Yes.

How do you get this Knowledge better?

First of all, bans don’t help. The thing is just exhausting. To refrain from fats or carbs only ensures that even more microbes to die off. So exactly the opposite of what we want.

So what to do?

We have made a great study. With 11,000 people, and the question of what our gut bacteria keeps you healthy. The result was clear: to eat More fruits and vegetables, keeps you healthy. Not only your favorite spinach, but a lot of different things. You should eat 20 to 30 different plants a week.

Wow, that is not to create.

But. Each nut type is a different Plant. Each grain is a seed. Each spice except salt is another Plant. If you think so, it’ll go fast. You don’t eat more then get energy, but, like a gardener wants to fertilize his digestive garden beautiful.

What should I eat?

You take every day with a living microbe.

What do you mean?

The easiest is with a yogurt. Unsweetened, full-fat without the use of chemicals. If you want to, you can easily fruit or whatever you like. Cheeses are also wonderful, but made from raw milk. Kombucha is good for us. Kefir is also a great food. A small SIP of it every day is better than a large Dose once a week.

But so far, we have learned that fats are unhealthy…

This is crap. The last studies show that it is not true. Fat is everywhere in it. Salmon, for example, a lot of it, but that is not to say that salmon is unhealthy. The idea that something is bad just because it contains fat, is obsolete. There is no evidence anywhere on this world that a diet low in fat has anyone let someone live longer. This is an old myth.


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That sounds like a radical departure from the principles that were long.

It is important that we take food with high quality, us. This is the most important and the healthiest. Here I want to mention the olive oil. Please, only extra virgin and in high quality. The cheap stuff is diluted, there is nothing left of the Plant in it and it has no more effect.

What you can do in order to keep their bacteria healthy?

You should double the daily consumption of fibrous food, at least.

Why are they so important?

Because microbes love to you. And the more you have, the more good materials you can produce, the keep the human body healthy.

What foods do you recommend for this?

Sauerkraut. Best to make your own, not this terrible with pickled out of a jar. Kimchi is also popular and helps the bacteria. All fermented foods are suitable. You are fuel for the microbes.

Many swear is currently fast to so-called Interval. The really works?

Absolutely. Because the sugar-hungry bacteria are so small. In the time without food intake can recover the good microbes and to multiply. The others have no lining and are pushed back.

If someone has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Diabetes, helps to a healthy bacteria Flora?

Yes, because we know that these patients have a poor colonization with bacteria. Therefore, in these cases, it is even more important to eat healthy. Previously these people were covered with all sorts of Prohibited. This limited diet can make it, in the worst case even worse.

How do I know that I am with my new eating habits on the right track?

You will need to use the toilet. Actually, once considered the day a bowel movement than normal, with this type of diet, you need to be sure two, maybe three Times. This is a good sign. Anyone who wants to know it exactly, can it also test. There are now companies that have the in the offer. And probably soon, a Japanese toilet manufacturer, is developing a toilet that displays the automatically. (laughs)

And if all else fails? If the bacteria do not thrive as they should?

Then you can transfer bacteria from the gastro-intestinal tract of a healthy Person by the chair-transplant. Don’t worry, it sounds gross, but in the meantime, in the Form of simple tablets. Very clean and hygienic.