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Hair will reveal more about your health than you think

Brittle, straw-like, thin – if your hair is changing, is often inappropriate care behind it. But: The hair is also sending out signals that suggest a disorder. You should pay attention to.

Women speak half-jokingly, half-desperate from a “bad hairday”, if the hair do what you want: slack hang down, stubborn from the head stand, or just to look nothing. A nourishing hair wash, or a hair salon visit, bring the Problem quickly again.

Bad hair days are, “” however, the rule, not can it present also be a Signal from the body that something is wrong, maybe even a disease. Then structure, color, or Fullness of hair to the warning signal, and a disease symptom.

The hair is brittle and fragile

The hair to break at the tips, and sometimes even directly to the scalp, if you are stretching very: frequent Coloring, hot Blow drying, a tightly-bound braid are the usual culprits. But it is also a poor Vitamin and mineral supply can cause the hair to break. Particularly Biotin deficiency has a negative effect. Really often the is, however, only in the case of a lack of food: Many Anorexics have, therefore, very unhealthy-looking hair.

  • This helps In dietary supplements specifically for hair is almost always Biotin. Six to twelve weeks, you should give the Vitamin time to unfold its effect.

The hair is getting thinner and thinner

If each individual hair is getting thinner and finer, the hair is confused and poorly manageable, you can plug an Overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) behind it.

The hair is getting thinner, are usually fluctuations in the sex hormones: during menopause, many women complain about the loss of your beautiful mane. An Oversupply of testosterone is responsible. At the same time you can be faster greasy – blame the declining estrogen level. On the other hand, a lot of women delight in the pregnancy, particularly nice hair. The hormones make you fuller, stronger, healthier.

  • Help: Since some years there is a hormonally-acting Hair restorer especially for women. The active ingredient Minoxidil brings splendor to many women new Hair. The disadvantage is that Only one permanent application that promises success.

The hair is dull and lackluster

Stress, Overload, lack of vitamins, side effect of drugs show up in dull, matte hair. Especially the tuft in the case of a sub-function of the thyroid gland is dry, brittle and lackluster. The hair to grow even slower, if the thyroid hormones are produced on low flame.

  • The helps: the Problem Lies in the thyroid gland, must a doctor be consulted. Other symptoms of the function, however, are: fatigue, listlessness, weight gain, swelling, constipation are among the most common complaints.

The hair is scaly

The tendency to dandruff is a predisposition and can be controlled with specific hair care products. Severely scaly scalp but can also belong to the symptoms of eczema or psoriasis. In addition, fungal diseases, dry skin, dandruff from the head to trickle in.

  • This helps: If Anti-dandruff Shampoos have no effect, should a skin doctor the skin of the head look.

The hair changes its color

Who had lost his hair due to chemotherapy, is often surprised that they grow back in a much lighter or darker shade than you had previously. Sometimes the new hair color is permanent, often the natural color is back after some time.

The hair is white, is a typical aging signs. In a young age, the genes are mostly responsible. As a disease signal premature graying can accompany Graves disease, a special Form of hyperthyroidism. In naturopathy’s early is graying as a sign of the over-Acidification of the body. The loss of color is irreversible, even if the acid-base balance, or the thyroid function are restored.

  • Help: Who are the new hair color, especially the gray hair, not simply as a destiny to accept want can color. This is not just at the hairdresser. In the drugstore market appropriate resources to fill the rows of all the shelves.

The hair fall out

While hair loss is anchored in the genes of most of the men and women who suffer from androgenic hair loss, hormonal imbalance. The proportion of testosterone is to high. Hormone fluctuations, such as in pregnancy and menopause, can let the hair also increasingly lost – but only temporarily.

In the case of a malfunction of the thyroid, hair lost, since the thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) have a direct impact on hair-forming cells.

Temporary hair loss can be triggered by a severe infection: influenza, scarlet fever, shingles or Syphilis are in the running.

A number of drugs have hair loss as a possible side effect: in Addition to the cancer chemotherapy drugs blood fat pressure or blood-lowering drugs, blood thinners, various antibiotics, acid blockers, and psychotropic drugs interfere with the hair growth.

A meat-free diet can be due to iron deficiency also hair shrinkage. Especially young Vegetarians need to ensure, in the case of substitutes, since every menstrual period is at the expense of the iron stores. In a French study came out that women with low iron value is the most frequently hair loss.

The circular hair loss, the hair with a round stencil in different Places, act dance, is considered to be a reaction to severe Stress. Cause a Malfunction of the immune system when the immune cells see the body’s own hair cells as the enemy is likely to be. The hairs give up the Protest against the Stress often back and grow back to normal.

  • The help: In the event of temporary illness-related hair loss often helps to just be patient. Hormones are involved, can bring a Hair restorer containing the active ingredient Minoxidil improvement. It is the side effect of medication or the result of a poor diet, can be the handle to a dietary Supplement makes sense.