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Fungus taps into Iron stores in people

Among fungi there are representatives that are against various drug-resistant. One of them is the fungus Candida glabrata, the people with a weakened immune system is dangerous. Researchers from Vienna have now found that the fungal iron can take advantage of reserves. If it is possible to prevent this, you could starve the pathogen of quasi.

Our body needs iron to the blood pigment hemoglobin to which oxygen is carried in the body. Many pathogens are also dependent on iron. Therefore, phagocytic cells that fight pathogens, have special abilities to give you iron and other nutrients to withhold.

Iron Transporter block and mushroom starve

Scientists from Vienna have now shown that a messenger substance of the immune system, which is released during an infection with Candida glabrata, interferes with this ability. In addition, they have found two transport molecules in the fungus, which are necessary for the absorption of iron in charge. If this iron Transporter paralyzed, dies of the pathogen. Now, the hope is that compounds will be found, blocking the iron Transporter of the fungus, and the pathogens may be starved in this way.

For the elderly, due to disease of immunocompromised people or patients, whose immune system will be suppressed after a transplant, life can be an infection with Candida glabrata dangerous. Phagocytes can take up to 50 fungal cells, the fungus can survive inside the phagocytic cell for months, and even grow. When the feeding cell is based on the fungal cells and amplify the infection.