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Doctor-in-chief calls for ban of E-scooters: Too dangerous, so away with it!

The head of the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV), Andreas alleys, has called for a ban of E-scooters. “E-scooters should be banned. Only this would help to avoid injuries”, said the streets of the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ) (Paid-content). “From a medical point of view, they are just too dangerous, so get rid of it.”

The “worst fears” had occurred, said streets. “Wherever these vehicles drive around in the meantime, we have hurt much more.” The start in the case of complex fractures of the arms and legs and head injuries and fatalities. From a medical perspective, it was “irresponsible”, the E-scooters in Germany allow.

Accident researchers, disagrees: “nonsense!”

The accident researchers Siegfried Brockmann by the General Association of insurers (GdV) language of the streets: “A ban on E-to demand of scooter so soon after the introduction of nonsense,” said Brockmann, the “NOZ”. It was clear from the beginning that it would come after the approval of this additional traffic by means of accidents. “We are also serious accidents involving cyclists – but nobody would get the idea to ban them on the road.”

Needed stricter controls and higher fines, be rather, Brockmann said. There are too many users, “two of the or on the sidewalk or driving under the influence of alcohol on the road”. Current accident statistics to E-scooters are not the GdV according to Brockmann yet.

E-Scooter: discontent grows

The electric scooters are allowed since the middle of June in Germany. Users are allowed a maximum of 20 kilometres an hour, and must use bike paths – if there is not this, the road. Driving on footpaths and in pedestrian zones is prohibited. The displeasure about the E-Scooter is currently growing. The criticism, especially of wild parked scooters and reckless drivers.

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), had spoken at the weekend against stricter rules for the electric scooter. He was for the “freedom of the road,” said Altmaier, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. There is already “more than enough bans”. It is important, however, that the safety of all road would remain assured of the participants.

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