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Doctor for Emergency SURGERY from vacation early and save your patients life

Doctors sometimes have to withstand particularly high loads, be it mentally or physically. To ensure the health of their patients, are often extraordinary services required. In Berlin, the Helios hospital, a Doctor showed a particular commitment to: Dr. Yu-Mi Ryang broke in advance of your holiday to have an Emergency SURGERY to perform.

In the case of emergency, it was Christian Opitz, a brain tumor patients in the clinic. Opitz’ situation had worsened drastically. Actually, he should at a later point in time on the operating table, but then everything had to go quickly: “Unfortunately, it came to him then all of a sudden so bad that he had to be immediately operated on,” says Yu-Mi Ryang.

“I was just on the Baltic sea in the holiday. After I was informed that Christian’s condition suddenly has deteriorated massively, I have cancelled the holiday and drove straight back to Berlin, and I operated on him, and my chief doctor.”

Ten-centimeter Tumor in the head

The 29-year-old Opitz got at the end of last year, the diagnosis of a brain tumor. Symptoms such as migraine and Nausea while he had been years before, but it was only in November of 2018, he had to place himself in the emergency room: “My neurologist told me that there’s something pushes against the Inside of the artery, and that we must immediately take further measures.” The ten-centimeter Tumor wanted to let Opitz initially non-surgically removed – too big is the fear of lasting damage. But, ultimately, no choice remained to him.

In the emergency room of the Berlin collapsed and had to be revived, breathing and heartbeat were exposed to. The Tumor was then successfully removed, thanks to the use of Yu-Mi Ryang and her Team. “A Christian has given a very beautiful horror,” said the chief doctor of the neurology.

Tedious Christian Opitz fought after the Operation back to life. Some things, like the Swallow, he had to learn from scratch. “I just didn’t know how this works.” Now he wants to enjoy life with his one year old daughter, and in the capital, a gallery for young artists to open. “I’ve survived this Tumor. So everything that comes now is for me, definitely worth a try.”

Sources: Helios Klinikum / “Berliner Kurier”

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