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Dietary supplements: What vitamins make sense and which are not – counselors

The times, as the vitamin tablets were declared to be the elixir of life, are long gone. Rather, studies are piling up, the vitamins in pill form that are considered risky or, at best, superfluous. But there are exceptions.

Who wants to do something Good for his health, often resorts to food supplements. Numerous studies have demonstrated that isolated vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the body cause so much as food, in which the micro-nutrients are in nature. The following vitamins in tablet form you can save, for example, confidently:

Multi-vitamin tablets

Everything you included, can deliver a well-balanced diet. A meta-analysis of numerous studies of Vitamin supplementation has been demonstrated to have no positive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Cell protection vitamins A, C and E

The vitamin trio A, C and E, important antioxidants, and cell protective vitamins. They catch free radicals, which in turn are partly responsible for aging processes and the development of diseases. Fruit, vegetables and high-quality Oil, the cell protection to provide vitamins in sufficient quantity. In particularly high doses of vitamins can actually be harmful.

Vitamin B3

For a long time Niacin had a reputation to act protectively on the heart and brain. It is mainly used in beef, pork, herring, or salmon. Here, too, a large study showed that the duration of revenue has led not seizures to fewer heart attacks or strokes. In comparison to the Placebo group, the B3-consumer-developed but, more often liver problems and internal bleeding.

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In the case of the following vitamins, however, it is useful to you extra:

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is important for bone health because it promotes the storage of calcium. But it is hard to find in foods. Especially if the skin is a little sun receives light, an extra dose of Vitamin D with 2000 to 3000 IU.

Folic acid

Folate is the only Vitamin that the care in Germany is through the diet with green vegetables, and legumes are inadequate. As a baby vitamin, it is especially important for Pregnant women and women who want to become pregnant. Lack of folic acid can have dramatic consequences for the unborn child.

Vitamin B12

This Vitamin is important for the growing group of Vegans. For you B12 pills are necessary because it is the only Vitamin that is not able to cover the complete animal-free diet with plant foods. As an important building block for the cell division, blood formation and the function of the nervous system, B12 is essential.

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