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Diet powder – useful or just expensive?

You can advertise with full-bodied promise: “The diet that they see You immediately,” reads the website of Slimfast. A successful weight loss program promises to be the BCM diet of pre-consumer material. And Almased to not only slim, but even the vitality and joy of life bring. Removable powder – so-called Formula diets – are popular. The advertising promotes it as a easy and successful way to lose excess pounds. Without counting calories and long shopping lists.

Developed the powder once, to help severely Obese with a Body Mass Index of more than 30 in the Slimming under medical supervision. However, Almased, Slimfast and co. no longer come solely in the case of obesity, the use of the powder have captured the mass market and in pharmacies, health food stores, and also partially available in the supermarket – for ten up to 40 Euro per box. But with the means to actually successfully losing weight?

Slimming via the App – with Eckart von hirschhausen,

With intermittent fasting, Eckart took von hirschhausen ten kilograms of – and coined the term of “Hirschhausen diet”. Now there is the success of the program also available as an App. It combines the proven method of interval fasting with a Coaching of Germany’s best-known doctor.

The App for “Hirschhausen-diet” offers:

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How do slimming powder?

In Formula diets a knife and fork to be superfluous. Instead of solid meals, shakes, but also ready to bolt and soups, to land mainly Ready on the table. The flavors are varied: strawberry, banana, vanilla, but also Cappuccino to choose from. Who has opted for a powder, and stirred it as specified either with milk or with water – ready to the slimming meal.

The concepts of individual providers vary, although slightly, but at the beginning of a Phase, in the case of the Shakes completely replace the meals mostly. Based on this, the powder of food is driven back slowly, a single self-prepared dishes. The concept is that the Shakes are intended to replace all daily meals, is a note on the packaging, duty: Without medical advice, it should not be used longer than three weeks.

The Shakes are subject to dietary regulation. This is to ensure that the body receives all the important nutrients through the powder. A certain proportion of carbohydrates, fat and proteins, as well as required minimum amounts of vitamins, Calcium and iron. Per meal to land between 200 up to a maximum of 400 kilocalories in the glass. Per day it should be according to the dietary regulation of at least 800, at most 1200 calories.

“This is a strictly reduced amount of calories, ultimately causes the weight loss success,” says nutrition expert Silke Schwartau of the consumer Hamburg. “The powder are no magic potion, there is no ingredient that causes miracles.”

How useful is the powder?

Less calories and this in the long term, less weight – and that can even without diet powder. “Including more vegetables and salad instead of oily and sugary meals,” says Schwartau. More enjoyment promise such a diet also. Because even if the powder are enriched with taste: Culinary Highlights you can expect from them.

We have taken the most popular diet concepts under the magnifying glass. What you promise hold? How practical are you? For whom are they suitable? You can find the results here.

To make sense of the diet powder in the diet are an expert on that, however. They contain the necessary for the body nutrients. “Such a radical crash diet for the body is not harmless,” says Schwartau. He gets too little protein, he begins to meet the need of reducing the level of muscle mass. “To counter this, set out in the dietary regulation, the powder must be sufficient and high quality Protein included.” To vitamins, mineral substances, care is taken, essential fatty acids, you have to admit, mostly even – for example, through vegetable oil.

The only drawback: The ballast substances are missing or not added enough. “Usually, only minimum amounts are included, for example, less than half a gram per 100 grams,” says Schwartau. The recommended for adults at least 30 grams of fiber per day, you can hardly reach. “On the duration of fuel lack of digestive problems that can arise from Ballast, in particular if at the same time, too little is drunk,” said the expert.

They are for anyone you recommend?

“In severely obese people, it may be useful to start a diet in the powder, so that a beginning of success,” says Schwartau. “That should happen, however, under medical supervision.” In healthy adults, nothing to speak of in principle, however, if you want to try the Formula diet.

Who wants to sustainably lose weight, should, however, change his or her behavior and about the change of diet and more exercise. “Anyone who relies only on the powder and after the crash diet falls back into its old habits, is growing quickly,” says the nutrition expert. Then the yo-yo effect threatens. An accompanying Coaching that helps the causes of the Overweight tackle is from their point of view, therefore, is essential.

Pregnant women, people suffering from Metabolic such as Diabetes or kidney disease should completely dispense the powder. It is important also, in addition to drinking the Shakes, soups or bars is sufficient, says Schwartau. Otherwise, the reduced energy intake can lead to dizziness or to cardiovascular problems.

Similarly, the German society for nutrition a rating of the Formula diet. “For obese patients with a BMI over 30 is particularly suited to the removal initiate and encourage the Motivation. However, only in the short term and under medical supervision,” says a spokeswoman for the star. “Who just wants to lose a two kilos, we recommend other methods that lead to sustainable success and a change of lifestyle include.” A Formula diet lead to fast weight loss fail, but also fast, if you will not be involved in a long-term approach to eating. In General, it is advisable to speak once before the start of the diet with his doctor. “This may be best placed to assess whether the powder for the individual patient are a good choice,” the DGE spokeswoman. For high blood pressure patients about taking medicines, it is: stay away from the mixtures.

Beware of exaggerated promises

“With Formula diets can be short term slimming,” says Schwartau. The powder strips. However, a lot of promises significantly to full-bodied and, therefore, also inadmissible. The consumer advice centre of Saxony rode two judgments against the Almased in the first place. Accordingly, may not be concrete information such as “In a few months, from 75 to 60 pounds” advertised. Also promise such as “activate metabolism”, “regulated proven to the blood sugar level” and is supportive for rheumatism, osteoporosis, or Diabetes were classified by the courts as misleading and thus not allowed.

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