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Corona emergency mechanism: See which counties and cities to comply with the upper limit

The Federation and the Länder have to be after weeks of far-reaching the Corona locker-protective measures struggled through Since the fear of a second wave of Infection, however, is still large, should be equipped the way back to more normality after the Plan of the Chancellor and the Prime Minister with a kind of emergency brake. The idea is to increase the number of new infections in a circle, within seven days, per 100,000 population of 50 or more, will be re-introducing more stringent protective measures in force.

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The world hopes for the Covid-19-vaccine – but the development actually works?

Through the emergency mechanism new foci of infection to be cleared as quickly as possible, without the whole country is shut down again. What measures will be taken in case of emergency, remains the left on the site. Angela Merkel handed over the responsibility in large Parts back to the States. (More on this topic here)

In the graphs below you can update daily the Situation in your district or your city view. The data comes from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The RKI publishes the daily case numbers, which were sent to him by the health boards up to the respective day 0 at. The appearance of new cases reported per day is based on the date of Notification. This is the date “on which the local health Department obtains knowledge about the case and him and electronically recorded,” reads the website of the RKI.

Map: infected rate in German districts and cities

Whether the regional authorities are also based on these data, was not disclosed. The Trade communicate directly with the health authorities, could you Pay, under certain circumstances, prior to the RKI have available. Also not known is whether the controls in a nationally consistent approach has been agreed, or individual work processes are set up locally.

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Ranking: counties and cities with the highest Rate

The below view shows the districts and cities with the most confirmed Corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days in descending order.

You can click in the view, scroll to the bottom and for more Details on the bars:

More data and information on the topic:

Source: Robert Koch Institute

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