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Constantly Inflammation Of The Bladder? These ten tips are worth a try

The culprit in the majority of cases, “Escherichia coli”. The bacteria get into the urethra, Hiking in the bladder and inflame the mucous membranes. The unpleasant consequences: the constant urge to urinate, Burning when urinating, Pull in the abdominal area. Women are most often affected by bladder infections. The reason lies in the anatomy: women have compared to men, a rather short urethra. Germs have an easy game.

Particularly annoying: anyone Who has had a bladder infection, with a high probability of a second. The risk is to abgeklungener inflammation in the course of the following twelve months and as high as 50 percent. How to prevent this. We have compiled ten useful tips.

1. Breathable Underwear

An enemy of cystitis breathable, well-fitting are underpants made of cotton. You are trying to avoid synthetic substances and uncomfortable models. Germs and bacteria can reproduce it easier.

2. The correct intimate hygiene

Avoid aggressive washing lotions – they damage the vaginal flora, which forms a natural barrier against germs and bacteria. The genital area is best cleaned only with warm water. Who would not want to dispense shower gels, can use pH-neutral washing lotions.

Pain when urinating

Constantly bladder infection – this could be the reason

3. Right to pee

You go to the toilet when the bladder is full? If you are prone to bladder infections, you should visit the Loo more frequently – this will flush bacteria out of the bladder and the urethra. Important: The bladder is completely empty and nothing.

4. Front-to-rear wipe

After the Tinkle of particular importance: From the front to the rear of the MOP, not Vice versa. Otherwise, bacteria in the direction of the urethra – the risk for bladder infection increases.

5. Enough to drink

Experts recommend to drink at least two liters. The fluid stimulates the urge to urinate, the pathogens will be flushed from the bladder.

6. On the power of herbs trust

A common home remedy for bladder infections are Cranberry products. Far-fetched this is not, finally, the berries contain a substance that can prevent the germs to the bladder wall. The effect of the berries is not occupied, however, ruled the well-respected Cochrane Collaboration a few years ago. Better: Warm teas made of cranberry, birch, and dandelion drink. They are diuretic and cleanse the bladder.

7. Always nice to wrap up

Contrary to the myth clothes and wet bathing suits do not lead automatically to a bladder infection. Because germs have to be present. Bacteria are penetrated, however, into the urethra, facilitates cooling inflammation. Therefore, feet, abdomen and back always nice and warm to wrap up.

8. After Sex pee

During Sex, bacteria have an easy game: By friction, and Petting they can walk effortlessly in the direction of the urethra. Who goes to the Sex on the toilet, can prevent the inflammation effectively.

9. The right of contraception to choose

Some contraceptives seem to increase the risk of a bladder infection, for example, the diaphragm or the use of sperm-killing creams. You can rely on condoms. According to the “techniker Krankenkasse” and hold bacteria that can be transmitted during Sex, from the urinary tract remote.

10. To pull the doctor

You always have bladder inflammation or cystitis does not simply want to subside? Then you should immediately consult a doctor, preferably a urologist. This can assess whether you have other risk factors for infections are available, for example, anatomical changes in the urinary tract area. In addition, he may prescribe a timely therapy with antibiotics to prevent the inflammation spreads to the kidneys.

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