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Christian Drosten explained the big difference between swine flu and Sars-CoV-2

In the discussion on the Corona often compared to the so-called swine flu is pulled. This Virus, the world health organization (WHO) – declared 2009 pandemic and warned with sharp words against the pathogen. It was not as bad as feared, the WHO had to take a lot of criticism. Virologist Christian Drosten explained in his current Corona Podcast, what distinguishes the two pandemics of each other.

So it was true that they had miscalculated at the beginning of the swine flu. He had worked already in the field. “The swine flu was not presented as harmless as later,” said Drosten. It had about as many Deaths worldwide as in a normal Influenza. “Not more but also not less.”

What makes the swine flu different

With the current Coronavirus Situation is not comparable. He see often the criticism that, again, the same people would warn, which would have been wrong at the time. The crucial difference, and it didn’t recognize at the time, initially, was For the swine flu, there was a background immunity in the population, and otherwise in the high-risk group, the elderly.

Drosten, Streeck and co.

Of these, Corona experts you listen to constantly – but who is really competent?

Only 20 per cent of the dead were over 65 years old, because it had been a so-called cross-immunity to older related flu viruses. Particularly the descendants of the Virus that was in 1918, known as Spanish flu, and were still up in 1957, widely used, have shown such an effect. Ergo: those Who had before 1957, his first of the flu, was protected against the swine flu particularly. Therefore, the death is much, much lower than initially assumed rate ultimately.

Why was the miscalculation of the time continues to resonate today

From today’s point of view, this miscalculation was particularly annoying, because you’ll constantly faced with it and many people would therefore be the danger of the Corona down to Drosten. “Then it means that at the time, we made a lot of Hype for no reason and now again.” There were these cross-immunity, in his opinion, a maximum of to a significantly smaller extent for the current Virus.

The showed the global mortality numbers. Drosten also pointed to a recent study of his Berlin the Charité is involved. Accordingly, had died in a small Italian place in this year up to 15 times more people than usually, and only in the case of the half Corona has been the cause of death listed. He will assume that also in other countries, perhaps more people Covid-19 had died than previously known. Of course, the study refer only to this village in Italy, the Situation there was “comparable” with Germany, said Drosten. For Germany, the Federal Statistical office reported recently on a slight increase in mortality, but to a much lesser extent than in many other countries.

With a view to the so-called excess mortality, it is also Dead, which would have indirectly to do with the Coronavirus, said Drosten. About people who have not gone with a serious illness to the hospital or to the doctor out of fear of Corona. Or Dead by the measures, so those are the may be died, because their operations have been moved to capacity for Covid-to keep patients free.

Criticism of media

With a view to the criticism of the swine flu Drosten was also explicitly a several-year-old documentation of the TV channel Arte. The post “The profiteers of fear” shared “too much in conspiracy circles,” said Drosten. The documentation was conducted, in which he himself appears – in a “bad style”. People come back, “the Marterie no idea” would have, “serious allegations”, would just be left uncommented in the room, criticized Drosten sharp.

Also generally criticized Drosten of the media. Especially in TV the view from abroad would come to him shortly. You should have, in his view, more “about the reports, what happened in New York”. From abroad you can Drosten learn a lot about the dangers of Sars-CoV-2 Virus, so.

Source: NDR full post you can here to listen to.

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