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Calling All Tiger King Fans: Joe Exotic-Inspired Dildo’s Now Exist

Yup, off the back of the success of the Tiger King series, UK-based erotica retailer Uber Kinky has released a “hand-crafted” eight-inch dildo. It comes in a few diff colours (including rainbow and classic orange and black) with a Prince Albert penis piercing AND Joe’s signature padlock.

Uber Kinky

The product description reads: “Had some kinky sex like Joe Exotic?! Well, the Sinnovator Tiger King Realistic Dildo will open you up to a whole new world of perverted possibilities. Indeed, there’s nothing cooler, sexier and more significant to the world we live in!”

“This big chunk of meat will fulfil animalistic instincts and satiate the hungriest of holes,” it continues. “It has been expertly handcrafted with unparalleled attention to detail and features multiple piercings. Indeed, the eye of this tiger is pierced by a perfect penis stud. Featuring a large Sinnovator padlock, penetrating its ampallang piercing, and 4 sleeper piercings down the side, this big beast is completely unique, both in look and feel. The perfect padlock pops pleasingly inside, while the girthy build stretches and satisfies to ensure gratification like never before. So, simply hold this cock captive in your cavity and go wild!”

Also worth noting: the toy is hand-poured from premium platinum-grade silicone, making it non-toxic and compatible with both silicone & water-based lubricants (no sardine oil necessary, Carole.) It will, however, set you back a pretty penny (approx. $386.50,) although Uber Kinky has pledged to donate 10 per cent from each purchase to Tiger Watch – a charity committed to the conservation of tigers and their natural habitat.

“Save the tigers, one orgasm at a time,” the website reads. No words.

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