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Breakfast burns a lot of calories

A large Breakfast instead of a large evening meal could Obesity and high levels of blood sugar prevent. According to the researchers, the body consumes while Processing a lush Breakfast significantly more energy than a slap-up dinner.

The body consumes when eating, digestion, nutrient transport and storage of nutrients to energy. This process is referred to as dietary-induced thermogenesis, and can be, depending on the time to Eat differently, as scientists from Lübeck could show that The researchers had 16 men for three days a low-calorie Breakfast and a high-calorie dinner, and the calorie content of the meals in the second round, for three more days upside down. With the same number of Calories per day, diet-induced thermogenesis of the study participants was, according to the calorie Breakfast up to 2.5 times higher than in the evening.

Also, the rise in the blood sugar level and the insulin concentration was to a large Breakfast in comparison to the lush dinner lower. In addition, the participants in the study had a small Breakfast during the day, more appetite for sweets. The study is in the journal "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism" read.

Prefer a extensive Frühstück as a dinner

"Our results show that a Breakfast consumed meal is produced regardless of the amount of calories, twice as high as diet-induced thermogenesis as the same meal, if you are taken for dinner wird", the author of the Study, Juliane Richter said. It recommends overweight people to take a big Breakfast instead of a big evening meal to reduce the body weight. Also normal weight and healthy people could benefit from it, because in this way, metabolic diseases such as Diabetes prevention can.