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Boy stays with the tongue in the bottle, insert – doctor, save him with a Trick

It looks funny, but is life-threatening: In Hanover, a seven-year-old Boy when it comes to juice is to lick with the tongue in a glass bottle stuck. In the emergency room of the children’s and Youth hospital auf der Bult, the Doctors Christoph Eich and Simone Arndt freed him according to with a simple Trick. How exactly portray you in the most recent edition of the “European Journal of Anaesthesiology”.

The doctors pushed, therefore, for a thin plastic cannula between the tongue and the bottle neck, and injected 60 milliliters of air. Due to the Overpressure, the violet, discolored tongue, which was severely swollen and had been pressed out. The Boy remained still for 24 hours for observation in the clinic. After 14 days had been the see of the bruising and the swelling, nothing more, it said.

How often children with the tongue to remain in a bottle plug, is not known. In most of the cases have been described in the literature, had to be cut, the bottles made of glass, plastic or metal, partly with the help of the fire brigade. “This means a higher risk of injury,” said Eich. In addition, there had been in earlier cases, a General anesthetic, a local anesthetic, or even intubation. The Overpressure method was simple, effective and safe.

Seven-year-old in Hanover: The Boy stayed on for 24 hours for observation in the clinic

First of all, the Doctors had tried in the emergency room, in vain, to make the bottle edge of the glide, as well as to relieve the supposed vacuum. Eich came upon the idea of using the air syringe, because he had opened with the same technique as a young assistant to the doctor once a bottle of wine, no corkscrew to Hand.