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Because of a kiss the little Kaylah (1) almost died

A itchy blisters, usually on the lip: Herpes is a recurring Nuisance. The Virus once in the body, it remains there for life. It is estimated that the Virus lies dormant in around 85 percent of all adults. Most people are stuck in childhood with the virus – even a kiss can transmit the pathogen. The Herpes pathogen enter the body, they migrate into the nervous system and in the lymph nodes. Doctors then speak of a so-called “primary infection”. This can cause unpleasant symptoms such as swelling of the mouth, or completely unnoticed to expire.

After a primary infection, the body may hold its own immune system the pathogen is usually good in chess. However, the defense is weakened once the virus again and can lead to the unpleasant sores. The red pustules are Affected mainly a cosmetic Problem and usually after a few days. In a highly contagious fluid, which can be especially for newborns for danger, however.

The reason is that In small children the immune system is not yet complete, which herpes virus you have to severe disease. Nursing staff with cold sores may provide in hospitals, therefore, not a newborn.

Family warns: kisses are for Herpes taboo!

This is the risk that a Couple from the UK warns: As Brogan, Thomas, and Connor Merritt, the Daily Mail reports, would be died, her daughter Kaylah (1) almost to a Herpes infection. And all this just because she was kissed by the herpes virus infected Person.

The symptoms in the Small began with an extensive rash all over the body. “We were at home and I put them straight in the bath when I suddenly saw all these marks on her legs,” recalls her mother. They went with the Small immediately to the hospital, where Doctors pronounced the diagnosis: Kaylah suffered from a “Ekzema herpeticatum” – an infection of the skin caused by Herpes viruses.

The Herpes eczema can cause in small children due to their weaker immune systems to life-threatening complications – for example, Herpes, Sepsis (blood poisoning), or inflammation of the brain skin. “When the Doctors told me how dangerous it was, I couldn’t stop crying,” says Brogan Thomas told the newspaper. “I was just thinking, I can lose because of a stupid kiss.”

However, the small Kaylah was lucky. She was immediately treated and was able to leave the hospital after four days. “I was so relieved when Kayla was out of danger,” said her mother. Although you must, even today – four weeks after the incident – to the doctor for regular Check-ups, but she was almost back to the Old one.

The small family has made it now to the task of warning people against the dangers of a Herpes infection.

Herpes in newborn infants: The underestimated danger

Newborns can become infected during birth with Herpes, when the birth canal is infected with viruses. This is the case, if the mother suffers from genital herpes. Rare infants to stuck – as in the case of Kaylah – through close contact of people after the birth. The symptoms of a herpes infection in young children vary greatly and range from the skin sores, blood poisoning to brain inflammation.

The professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ) advises, therefore, precautions should parents or contact persons of newborns and infants with an acute Herpes suffering thrust: regular hands washing and the Wearing of mouth protection in the vicinity of the child. Also Kissing and Cuddling with lip blisters off-limits.

Sources: Daily Mail / children – & Youth doctors in the network