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Be careful, they bite! How to identify bed bugs in your apartment

Bed bugs are clearly the winners of globalization: In the Luggage of travellers, the little blood-suckers jetting around the world and hotels or Hostels in luxury. With a lack of Hygiene, the distribution of the crawlers has nothing to do with it. Rather, they are true masters in Hiding and to fight appropriately difficult. From the hotel room, the bugs can quickly reach into the domestic flat – they crawl into the Luggage. Already a single fertilized female can bring new populations. But how can an infestation be prevented? Stiftung Warentest reveals useful tips.

Bed bugs leave quite an obvious trail, at Night they crawl out of their Hiding places close to the bed and bite you. The stitches of the crawlers resemble flea bites are usually arranged in a row or in a group. You can itch. Remedy, a recipe brings then free hydrocortisone cream. Also Droppings – usually in the Form of dark spots – on the bed, or in its environment may indicate bed bugs. In the case of suspected bed bugs in your own four walls, it is advisable to immediately contact a pest control company, test. This is especially true if you were recently on the travel or visit. The reason is that the critters in the apartment increasingly, they are fighting hard.

Bed bugs-infestation prevent – so it goes

Caution is in the case of bed bugs, better safe than sorry, so test. Some useful tips will help to prevent an infestation from the start. Includes:

More tips are available on the website of the Federal office for the environment. The full article can be read here.