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Back, shoulder and neck complaints, with the right sleeping position to heal – Video

Not only the amount of sleep is important for health. Just for people who have pain physical problems such as neck, back problems or suffer from heartburn, it is the correct sleeping position is crucial.

Bernd Kladny, chief doctor of the orthopedics Department of the orthopedics and accident surgery at the m&i-Fachklinik Herzogenaurach, Germany, recommends the following positions.

1. Shoulder pain:

You do not sleep on the side, but better on the back. Alternatively, you can also take a big pillow at chest height and the Arm.

2. Neck tension:

Try to bring your neck in a straight Position. You use a special neck pillow instead of a thick filled cushion.

3. Back pain:

Tormenting back pain, you can sleep either in the side or in the supine position. As a side sleeper you should have terminals for discharge of the knee with a pillow between the knees.

4. Heartburn:

Do you have problems with a sour stomach, you should sleep better in the supine position. The head should be a little increased.

Make sure you generally be on a suitable mattress (advertisement). This you should replace all of seven to eight years.