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Alcohol: Herbal hangover-medium-protects against fatty degeneration of the liver

The active ingredient dihydro myricetin (DHM) from the fruit of the Japanese raisin tree is used in Asia for many Hundreds of years for liver diseases. He is supposed to relieve hangover headaches to high alcohol consumption and liver might protect against alcohol-related harm.

DHM helps the body of alcohol faster, reducing the work from previous research is known, but how it works, was unclear. Scientists at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles have found that DHM activates a whole cascade of mechanisms, the alcohol quickly from the body.

In the journal "Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research" you describe that mice who had taken for two months, plenty of alcohol, removal with the help of DHM more alcohol enzymes produced, the activity of which was increased also. At the same time and gained less fat in the liver of the mice, and there was less inflammation and cell damage to the liver and other organs.

The results also explain why the DEM against a hangover effect: The liver converts alcohol into a substance with the properties of formaldehyde that causes headache and Nausea. Since the degradation of Alcohol takes place slowly, and it comes after an evening of heavy alcohol consumption that the liver produces this substance for hours on end.

Alcohol consumption is the most common Form of drug abuse. Annually about three million worldwide die of the consequences, and, according to the world health organization, alcohol is for 5.1 percent of the global disease burden. DHM could be used, according to the researchers, may be in patients with liver damage, in order to extend the function of the liver, or to recover, and to delay the onset of more serious liver diseases, while on a transplant waiting.