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34-to-Year have Gecko plastered – ten days later, the failure of his organs

After he had eaten at a Party, a Gecko has died, as a father of a family in the Australian state of Queensland in agony. Six months after his death, his family and friends are still searching for answers to the question of what David Dowell died in December 2018 and why the Doctors him could not help. In an Interview with the Australian “Brisbane Times” told by the sister of the 34-Year-olds now, what happened on the fateful evening, and what pain the father of three little girls in the ten days up to his death, had to suffer.

Gastro-Intestinal? No, a Salmonella poisoning

25. June David Dowell would have been 35 years old. But instead of celebrating with your Dad, sent his wife and three daughters in the Logan River Paper boats on the trip. The fact of the things could not tell him before his death, wrote:. “He was a great person and the kids have one of the best Dads in the world lost,” recalls Hannah in the “Brisbane Times” to her brother. But what happened on that fate day in December on the Party, which David cost, ultimately, of life?

Accordingly, Dowell of the day felt after the Christmas Party is not particularly well – from but than the usual Hangover after a night out with a little more alcohol. The next day he had passed, but then violently, reported Dowells sister. The sputum was green. His wife called an ambulance. “When they arrived at the hospital, they didn’t shoot him first. The Doctors believed to be a harmless stomach flu.” Only a night later, the doctors diagnosed at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane Salmonella poisoning.

Diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting

Salmonella bacteria in the world live in DC and AC warm – blooded animals and people. Among other things, you come in (raw) eggs and poultry meat with Salmonella-contaminated chickens. Infect humans, often via food, the unhygienic stored. The bacteria attach to the intestinal cells, multiply and lead to diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting. Also, Dowells wife initially believed that her husband had eaten at the Party, tainted chicken meat, and the Salmonella poisoning captured. Then a friend called with her.

Gecko-test of courage: Has he or hasn’t he?

“Oh, David has eaten the night a Gecko”, believed to be the to remember. Poisoned himself, the 34-Year-old with the crawling animal? His Doctors could not rule it out, because even the small lizards, can carry Salmonella in itself. Suddenly, there were doubts, whether David had actually eaten a Gecko. “It was probably a test of courage, and perhaps he has done so as he would eat him, but then thrown away,” speculates David’s sister six months after the death of his brother. “We just don’t know it,” she says desperately. A doctor from the University of Queensland considers the theory to be quite plausible. “Many cold-blooded animals carry Salmonella in, among other things, turtles, snakes, frogs, and Geckos,” says Dr. Mark Turner in the “Brisbane Times”.

Family safe: “David is rotting from the inside”

David Dowells condition deteriorated after the diagnosis dramatically. Bloated, like a sixth-month pregnant woman, have he looked. The urine is black, the vomit is green. The lung was filled with fluid. A painful sight for his family. Dowell’s mother is said to have begged the Doctors to operate on her son. But they have refused. Meanwhile, the liquid leaked from the stomach, the testicles swelled to the size of Grapefruits. “The Doctors said it was normal, that fluid runs from the testes. The only cave the liquid from the Stomach,” says Dowells sister the last hours at the bedside of her brother who had been in an artificial coma. Shortly after his organs failed. He was sort of rotted from the inside, says the family. Allegations that the Doctors would have taken the case lightly, and it only reacts as David to the intensive care unit had to be relocated, rejected the Mater Hospital in a statement.

A medical examiner have determined that Dowell was treated at the Mater Hospital appropriately and carefully, and no further measures were required. In Addition, hiding the responsible behind the doctor-patient confidentiality, which also applies in Australia.

Source: “Brisbane Times”