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3 months E-Scooter: Many accidents with head injuries

For about three months, powered scooter driving through the streets of many major cities. The accident shows happened: Many drivers underestimate the dangers of the electric Scooter.

"Falls with the E-Scooter happen often when driving under the influence of alcohol, due to carelessness in the road or because the driver the speed and the handling underestimate,” says Anika Wichmann, a trauma surgeon at the accident hospital in Berlin. The Berlin police, has recently published statistics on the number of accidents confirmed. Within the first three months of registered scooters in the capital, 74 traffic accidents with the participation of E -. In 65 cases, the Drive had the accidents self-inflicted.

The range of injuries is according to a statement from Wichmann large. It ranges from minor injuries such as bruises and abrasions to the skull-brain trauma and fractures of the spine, legs and feet. "Head injuries are the most common, in addition, it is relatively common to fractures,” says Wichmann.

In order to prevent serious injury, advises the accident, the doctor to the following rules:

  • Helmets are not mandatory, should be worn for your own safety, but as Cycling.
  • Reflective clothing reduces the risk of car drivers and other road users to overlook.
  • E-scooters on cycle paths. If these are missing, you have to use the roadway. Walkways and pedestrian areas are off-limits.
  • Lane change and the direction changes must be announced.
  • E-scooters are only permitted for a driver. Other people on the scooter to take with you, is not allowed.
  • Beware of alcohol on the Handlebar: It is the same alcohol apply to limits as with a car.
  • Don’t be distracted: While driving not on your mobile phone looks or with headphones listening to music.

The German Statutory accident insurance (DGUV) goes a step further: "Scooter in need of, for example, in urgent need of a turn signal. Because, in contrast to the Cycling in the scooter, the hands are not to remain necessarily on the Handlebars, in order not to endanger the stability of the vehicle. As long as Scooter doesn’t meet such basic standards of safety, we advise you to leave them and prefer to use the wheel,” says Gregor Doepke, press Secretary of the DGUV.

Even if the scooters are parked, you can still be a source of danger: a Lot of riders from the scooter in the middle of the walkway. There, they become stumbling blocks for others, especially for people with mobility restrictions or visual impairment.


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