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There Are Limited-Time Bakugan Deals at Amazon, So Grab 'Em Before They're Gone

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Kids always seem to know what the hot toys are (Bakugan) and what “everyone” is playing with these days (Bakugan) and where to find the stuff on all their friends’ wish lists (again, Bakugan). Unfortunately, what kids don’t know is where the good sales are. They might know the release date of the latest figures and packs, but getting everything they want at a price point that doesn’t suck is not even on their radars. But never fear — that’s where we come in.

We regularly find the best deals on the Internet, and this one’s for the Bakugan fans (and whoever’s bankrolling their obsession). Because Amazon has some limited-time Bakugan deals that are too good to pass up, and you aren’t going to want to miss the opportunity to bring a big smile to your kiddo’s face … and to yours, knowing how much you’ve saved on their favorite toys. You’re welcome.

Bakugan Geogan Brawler 5-Pack

This Geogan Brawler Pack
contains two exclusive Geogan that you won’t find in any other pack — Hyenix and Insectra — and three collectible Bakugan action figures! It also includes six BakuCores, three Character Cards, seven Ability Cards, three Gate Cards, plus a Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Sheet.

Bakugan Unbox and Brawl 6-Pack

The name says it all — unbox and brawl! Face off against friends right out of the box with everything you need for an epic battle. The Bakugan Unbox and Brawl Pack
has two exclusive Geogan and four Bakugan, eight BakuCores, four Character Cards, two Ability Cards, six Gate Cards, and a rule sheet.

Bakugan Geogan Rising Collectible Action Figure and Trading Cards

Bakugan Geogan each feature cool translucent details and a unique transformation, and the action figure in this collectible Geogan Rising Pack
(Viperagon) has an included Gate Card that unleashes the beast inside!

Bakugan Baku-Tin Premium Collector’s Storage Tin

Kids love unboxing surprises, so your little Bakugan fanatic will flip out over this one. The Bakugan Baku-Tin
contains two mystery Bakugan toys, plus everything needed for a brawl! When the fun is over, they can store their collection in this premium tin — it holds up to six Bakugan, two 40-card decks, and 12 BakuCores.

Batrix Ultra with Transforming Baku-Gear

All new Baku-Gear weapons make this Batrix Ultra
a force to be reckoned with. Roll Batrix over the two included BakuCores and watch the transformation — then pop on the Baku-Gear to get him battle ready!



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