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The Hottest Models Tell Us Their Bikini-Body Tips

Getting ready for a beach vacation? Planning to try on bikinis or go bathing suit shopping? Just looking to get a little more body confident? We’ve got you covered!

Us Weekly talks to the world’s hottest bikini and lingerie models — including Behati Prinsloo Opens a New Window. , Ashley Graham Opens a New Window. , Jasmine Tookes Opens a New Window. and more — all the time. And we’ve been gathering a treasure-trove of their fail-safe favorite fitness and diet tips. From lightening-fast weight-loss ideas to diets that actually work (keto Opens a New Window. , intermittent fasting Opens a New Window. , celery juice Opens a New Window. , oh my!) to quick strengthening tricks (hello, planks!) to the long-term fitness regimens that help them get their flat abs, leg muscles and toned arms and butts, these professional pretty people have shared their best beach-body lifestyle advice with Us.

Sure, the glamazons who become Victoria’s Secret models and cover stars may be genetically blessed, but these celebrities still put in plenty of effort and have tried most trends on the planet in an effort to look and feel their best. As VS Angel Tookes told Us in February 2019, “I feel my most confident, best and sexiest when I’m just really happy.” And she’s happy when she’s getting strong with fun workouts. “I’m really into Pilates lately. It’s super good. I love doing the reformer machine,” she added. But even she has a quick-fix for when she needs to slip into a two-piece in a hurry (hint: it involves a trampoline!).

And if you’re looking to adjust your mindset, get more body-positive or find a mantra, you’ve come to the right place too. Aerie spokesmodel Iskra Lawrence Opens a New Window. reveals how she got comfortable going to the beach — and what she tells herself and others to remember before slipping into a suit. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum Opens a New Window. shares her 10-minute strength-training routine and her secret to feeling bold in the nude. “I like small, little triangle bikinis. I’m the most confident and comfortable in little string bikinis because, you know, it’s also easier to take it off,” she tells Us.

To get that fearless, scroll through to get our collection of stars’ best bikini-ready tips!

Jasmine Tookes – Get a Trampoline, Do Planks

When Us asked the VS model for her best tip to get bikini-ready fast, she responded, “You know what’s actually really good that my trainer taught me? You get one of those small trampolines — I have one at my house — and you do a bunch of different jumping sequences and it really is the quickest thing to tone your legs and make them feel really good,” she says. Her other no-fail move: “Do a plank for a minute before you throw on a bikini and you’re ready!”

Credit: J. Lee/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Devon Windsor – Focus on Small Movements

“I don’t think you have to do just cardio to get in shape. It’s a lot of small, little movements that actually change your body the most,” the Victoria’s Secret model told Us in August 2018. “I hate cardio. I love just not even feeling like I’m working out. Somehow, I’m getting in shape.” Besides the tiny toning movements she learned at P.volve, she turns her attention to food. “It’s all about a clean diet,” she said, adding that she also cuts out carbs.


Credit: MEGA

Ashley Graham – Talk Yourself Up, Literally

To get beach ready, you have to find self-confidence, but there’s no “magic pill,” Graham told Us in January 2019. “You have to put in the effort. So if I want to put in the effort, my effort will be, I wake up every morning and I talk to my body.” One of the things she’ll say? “I’ve even got buck naked and been like, ‘Hey thighs, you are so sexy, I can’t stop rubbing you,’” she said. “And I’ve been like, ‘But I hate you, but I love you, but I hate you, but I love… it’s just an everyday acceptance.” The avid gym-goer’s other key is simple (at least in theory): Get a suit that fits! “I’m the kind of girl who wants to go to the beach and feel supported but also sexy,” added the Swimsuits For All collection designer. “I don’t want to have to think about wearing something matronly.”

Credit: Swimsuits for All/MEGA

Behati Prinsloo – Ask a Trainer to Show You New Moves

Prinsloo gets bored with workouts easily — so she takes notes from the pros. “I like different kinds of things and I like when people show me different things,” she told Us in December 2018. While Prinsloo “used to do a lot of yoga and a lot of Pilates,” she tried out two new trainers when getting ready for the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Show. “They were heavy into a CrossFit [-type of workout], but it wasn’t as hard on your body,” she said. “I liked learning something new … I like to be interactive.”

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Winnie Harlow – Know How to Work Your Lower Abs

Like some of her fellow VS models, Harlow sees trainer Mohamed Elzomor. And as the pro told Us in November 2018, he makes sure his model clients, including Harlow, have a set of exercises that set them up for six-pack success. “I love multiple crunches because you’re activating more of your abs than you would be if you were just doing a regular crunch on the floor … When we do lower abs, I start the alphabet with the lower legs, legs together and as you go to the tip of the pencil,” he advised. “You’re hitting your abs from angles that you never, ever did prior. You’re going to be sore in places you’ve never been sore before, so I do a lot of unorthodox moves to change it up a little bit.”

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