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Small children should from the first Tooth to the dentist

While tooth decay in adults is rare, the case numbers in children with milk teeth. In order to combat tooth decay early on, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), to allow small children in the future, already from the sixth month of life checkups at the dentist. So far, this was provided only for children from the age of three.

Between the sixth and the 34. Month of life is a new entitlement to three screening tests. If the dentist discovers signs of Caries in the milk teeth, and these, for example, with fluoride varnish treated, assumes the statutory health insurance the cost. Fluoride varnish is applied directly to the Tooth to harden the tooth enamel and the formation and progression of dental caries to prevent it.

The claim in three further studies between the 34. Month of life and the sixth year is unchanged. The new rules, which occurs after publication in the Federal Gazette, but no earlier than July.

Dental caries is considered a chronic disease in young children

The cash-dental Federal Union spoke of a “great success in the fight against early childhood caries”. This is regarded as the most common chronic disease in children of preschool age. Nearly half of all carious Defects that would be found in the Enrollment, would be in the first three years of life.

An earlier study by the Federal chamber of dentists according to the rate of Caries in children in Germany as a whole. However, a good 15 per cent of under three year-olds have cavities.

Causes for the so-called early childhood caries are excessive Drinking of sugar – and acid-containing beverages, for example, from suction bottles, and a lack of oral hygiene. The affected milk teeth are not treated, this pain next to the tooth, fistulas, or abscesses also lead to premature Tooth loss. The children affected can develop more caries on the second teeth.