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Reddit is Spiraling After One Couple Had Outsized Reactions Over the Sex of their Baby

One mom has taken to Reddit after a gender reveal mishap to ask if she would be an a-hole for uninviting her husband to their baby’s birth. And … well … the internet doesn’t think it’s the best course of action.

In a post that has caught the attention of more than 10,000 Reddit users, one mom explained that her husband was happy when he found out their first child was a girl. The couple has a second little one on the way, and when they found out it was also a girl, the dad was happy again.

Well, it turns out those results are wrong, and they are actually having a baby boy.

“My husband freaked out in excitement,” she said. “He was actually jumping around and yelling, he immediately called all his friends and family, he kept hugging and swinging our daughter around telling her she’s getting a brother.”

Mom was absolutely not here for that kind of disparity and confronted her husband for not being as excited when they thought it was a little girl. He said it was because he wanted a boy, and mom decided to go big or go home by telling dad to stay home.

“I got so pissed off. I don’t want him at the baby shower or the birth. He thought I was kidding at first, but once he realized I was serious, he got really upset and started an argument over it.”

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